Kingdom Hearts 3 Officially Goes Gold; Director Takes To Twitter to Announce and Release An Extended Trailer

kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3, a long-awaited title that took many years of hard-working development, has finally gone gold, which means the game is finished and will release with no delays or hiccups.

This is it, the moment a lot of us were waiting for, now the official waiting game has begun. However, there is still time to catch up on the lore of the game with Final HD Remix 1.5 + 2.8 as director Nomura suggests.

Nomura took to Twitter to announce the game going gold on the official Kingdom Hearts 3 account while also releasing a new extended trailer for fans to watch.

Check out the official tweet down below:

Kingdom Hearts 3 is looking absolutely stunning so far. The animation, gameplay, and even story looks like its going to be top notch. There has been a lot of anticipation for this title, and with the countdown ticking ever so close to release, fans will finally get see if the wait was worth it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release on January 29 for the PS4 and Xbox One. How excited are you for the highly anticipated title? Let us know in the comments below

Source: Twitter


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