Metal Gear Survive Has A Hidden Message Hinting Towards Kojima Productions

Metal Gear Survive – there’s no denying that since its announcement, it’s been the center of ethical debate in the gaming community, with most of it emanating around the narrative that Konami has ruined the sanctity of the Metal Gear series by continuing the series with a sci-fi spin-off that nobody really asked for.

And while it may seem that fans are of the Metal Gear series may be the driving force behind this debate, there seems like there might be some internal debate as well. In a screenshot from Metal Gear Survive, uncovered by Twitter user @NourishedPsyche, there appears to be an anagram that spells “KJP FOREVER” – images below:

If it is actually a message, KJP FOREVER is most likely hinting towards Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima’s late production studio.

In other news, Konami has explicitly stated that Metal Gear Survive is not a dating service. Read more about it, here.

‘If you thought that Konami’s spin-off title, Metal Gear Survive, would lead you to the love of your life – we have some bad news for you. In the end-user license agreement, Konami has stated that players cannot “seek a relationship with another person or [do] an act that Konami determines is made for the main purpose of causing a relationship.’

Metal Gear Survive is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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