Netflix Still Looking Into A Switch App


If you thought that Netflix had given up on bringing an App to the Switch we have some good news for you. According to Polygon, Netflix is still “exploring” bringing an app to the Hybrid console.

Originally, a tweet was sent out from Netflix’s official customer service account as a response to a person asking when the service might be coming to the Switch, the @Netflixhelps account said, “There are currently no plans for Netflix on Nintendo Switch.”

Now Netflix has stated that “We are still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don’t have definitive plans to share at this time,”, this doesn’t mean that the app is definite, it just means that there’s a slightly higher chance of us receiving an app than before.

In other Switch news, an emulator for the console has just been announced from Yuzu, the team behind the 3DS emulator.

‘No, it’s not the Japanese citrus fruit, it’s an experimental piece of software that is being designed to simulate Nintendo Switch Games without a need for the console itself. This means that less than a year since its release, the Nintendo Switch is already having its hardware reinterpreted so that it functions on Windows, Mac and Linux.’

(Via Polygon)

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