Nintendo Switch Becomes Fastest Selling Console In France

The Nintendo Switch has been doing considerably well in France. The hybrid console has now sold 1 million units just a week ahead of its official one year release anniversary. Because the console hit this milestone by just under a year, the Switch has officially become the fastest selling console in France in history- running well ahead of the PS4 and Wii, which are the two other fastest selling consoles of all time in the country.

That being said, Nintendo has always done well in France – usually much better than Sony and Microsoft.

Does this mean that Nintendo will be able to carry the pace? Who knows, we’ll just have to see in the coming months.

In other Nintendo news, Splatoon 2 has become the first Nintendo game to hit 2 million retail sales.

Nintendo’s sequel to the WiiU’s flagship shooter, Splatoon, has just become the first ever Nintendo game to hit 2 million retail sales in Japan. What’s more, this is also it makes it one of the first few console games to have hit the milestone since 2009.

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