Sigma is live on the Overwatch PTR – here are his abilities

July 23, 2019 Blizzard has unveiled all of Sigma’s abilities.

Blizzard has lifted the veil on Overwatch hero 31 at last: his name is Sigma, and he’s an astrophysicist who’s had a very bad time experimenting with a black hole. After a lore video revealing the hero yesterday, Jeff Kaplan and streamer Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned broke down the his abilities in full. Read on for everything Sigma can do, or check out the PTR today.

Sigma’s main attack is Hyper Spheres, which sends out two orbs in rapid succession to strike enemies at short to mid-range. These projectiles can bounce off of walls and ceilings. Experimental Barrier sends out a shield with 1500 HP – the distance is determined by how long you hold right-click, and it only regenerates while it’s off the field.

Shift summons Kinetic Grasp, which absorbs incoming damage and converts it into shield energy. Accretion is on E, and it sends out a collection of rocks held together by unnatural gravity. The resulting rock ball deals damage at any range, but also delivers knockback and knockdown when you’re further away from your target.

Finally, Sigma’s ult, Gravitic Flux, sends out a black hole that takes a few seconds to trigger, giving enemies a chance to escape the circle of effect. Anyone in the area when the effect goes off will be lifted into the air, suspended there for a moment, and then slammed back down to the ground for damage equal to 50% of their maximum health.

You can see the full ability breakdown on Twitch or check out the developer update above.

Or if you still need the lore, you can see the backstory above.

While new Overwatch heroes are always exciting, features like role lock promise even better things for the game’s future.

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