Switch eShop Down For Maintenance Today And Tomorrow


As you would expect, with the influx of Nintendo users, the entertainment company is setting aside a few hours to work on the eShop’s servers. Make sure you aren’t planning on using the store during these times.

These periods are planned:

Wii U / 3DS

– 6 PM PT (December 25) – 11 PM PT (December 25)
– 9 PM ET (December 25) – 2 AM PT (December 26)
– 2 AM in the UK (December 26) – 7 AM in the UK (December 26)
– 3 AM in Europe (December 26) – 8 AM in Europe (December 26)

Switch / Wii U / 3DS

– 8 PM PT (December 26) – 1 AM PT (December 27)
– 11 PM ET (December 26) – 4 AM ET (December 27)
– 4 AM in the UK (December 27) – 9 AM in the UK (December 27)
– 5 AM in Europe (December 27) – 10 AM in Europe (December 27)

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In other Nintendo news, the company has nearly sold a total of 3 million Switch units in Japan. We should expect it to hit the mark after the holiday season

‘Nintendo’s Hybrid console, the Switch has been performing exceptionally well across the world – especially with its superb lineup of exclusive title, however, according to Media Crate, it seems that the console has been performing extraordinarily well in a specific country.’


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