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BTS Premieres New “Dynamite” Music Video In Fortnite

It’s not a point of pride for me to say I had little idea who Korean pop supergroup BTS was before this week. As Fortnite weaves its tendrils into the world of pop culture, I find myself frequently asking younger colleagues about musicians, movies, and fandoms in a way that looks less like disaffected cool and more like I’m just old and out of touch. Tonight, BTS premiered the choreography video of its recent hit “Dynamite” in Fortnite, and I dutifully buckled in to feel Too Old once again. read more


Epic Asks Court To Prevent Apple From Blocking Fortnite And The Unreal Engine

Even if you’ve been living under a rock with only your computer-illiterate grandparents and the TI-84 calculator you all huddle around each night for warmth, you’ve probably heard that Apple is removing Fortnite from the App Store. Now developer Epic says that Apple is going after every part of its App Store presence, including the Unreal Engine, and has asked the court to legally prevent Apple from doing so. read more


A Parent’s Guide To What The Hell Is Going On With Fortnite

Maybe you’re a parent who, like a lot of parents nowadays, is working from home as the covid-19 pandemic still rages on. If you have tween-aged, gaming inclined children, they probably play Fortnite. Yesterday, that tween-aged gamer came to you wondering what’s going on with Fortnite. And you, dear parent, have no idea what to tell them because you haven’t played a video game since you lost your last quarter in a Ms. Pac Man machine back in 1995. We’re here to help. read more