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A Rare Was DSi Pulled From Online Auction

DSi was used to train at McDonalds.

This is definitely a throwback consideting that the DSi was released back in 2008 in Japan and then 2009 in the US. During the lifespan of the Nintendo DS, DSi, and 3DS which all released at different times they released many different limited addition versions of the handheld console. One of these limited addition DSi consoles was a McDonald’s branded one that is super rare.

According to Gamerant, this handheld console recently appeared and then soon disappeared a website that hosts auctions. The DSi version of the Nintendo DS was an upgrade from both the DS and DS Lite, then the 3DS being the most recent handheld console before Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

There are some limited addition and also rare variants of the DSi that were never sold before, which is one of the season some become so rare. Something that is really cool is, DSi’s were actually used to train McDonald’s employees in Japan back in 2010, which is probably hard to believe, but they used speiclisted versions handheld of the console and were sent to the Japaneese branches of the fast food chain. The cartage that came with the device was a “how to cook and serve items” McDonald’s simulator. While these aren’t used anymore today, it seems someone got their hands on one and wanted to list it online.

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With the console having disappeared so quickly from the auction website, there is no telling why it was taken down, or if someone will buy it in the future, but it is definitely a rare find.

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