All History Class Answers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Throughout your journey in Paldea, you’ll have lots of activities to complete to further your status as a Pokemon Trainer. You can battle against other trainers, fulfill sidequests, and, attend your classes. One of the classes is history class with Ms. Raifort. If you’re here, you’re after all of the right answers.

Upon progressing through your classes, you must answer many questions and even pass exams to acquire rewards and pass your subject. Here are all of the answers in history class in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: All Lesson Answers in History Class

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You’ll have to attend Ms. Raifort’s class six times, and there is an exam after every third lesson (Midterms and Final). Although answering correctly throughout the lessons incur no benefits, here are the answers for each lesson.

  • Question: What exactly was believed to rest in the depths of the Great Crater – inside Area Zero?
  • Question: Approximately, how many years ago was it that the Paldean Empire began to rule this region?
    • Answer: About 2,000 years ago.
  • Question: Tell me – approximately how many years ago was this academy of ours established?
    • Answer: About 800 years ago.
  • Question: I said that one of the treasures was “a set of tablets.” What do you think these tablets were?
    • Answer: Wooden planks for writing on.
  • Question: What was the name of the team that first made it to the deepest reaches of the Great Crater?
    • Answer: The Area Zero Expedition.
  • Question: At the beginning of the sixth lesson, Ms. Raifort will greet you with two questions. Both answers to the first question are correct, and here’s the second. What is the name of the famous professor who unraveled the Terastal phenomenon mystery?
    • Answer: Professor Sada (Scarlet) or Professor Turo (Violet).

Midterm Exam Answers in History Class

Most exams in Scarlet and Violet have varying questions and answers from the lessons. This is the case for your history class. Here are the answers for the midterm exams.

  • Question: What is the name of the geological formation in the center of the Paldea region?
    • Answer: The Great Crater of Paldea.
  • Question: What was long believed to rest in the depths of Area Zero
  • Question: How many years ago did the Paldea Empire begin to rule this region?
    • Answer: Approximately 2,000 years ago.
  • Question: How many years ago was this academy built?
  • Question: Those seeking _____ need look no further than the oranges / grapes of Paldea.

Final Exam Answers in History Class

The final exam is a little more difficult than midterms, but some of the questions are recurring ones. Here are all the final exam answers for history class.

  • Question: What is the area within the Great Crater of Paldea called?
  • Question: How many years ago was the academy founded? 
  • Question: Which of these did not appear in the Paldea fairy tale about the four treasures?
  • Question: Which Area Zero Expedition member wrote the record of the team’s activities?
  • Question: How many years ago did Professor Sada / Turo invent Tera Orbs?

For the midterm exam, you’ll get five Exp. Candies S., and for the final exam, you’ll get five EXP. Candies L. The rewards are underwhelming, but they are perfect if you have low-level Pokemon that you want to level up. After the final exam, you can also continue to pursue your friendship with the history teacher and unlock a quest that will lead you to the four treasures of Paldea.

Those are all of the answers to Ms. Raifort’s history class. For more, including our guide on the Home Ec Class Q&As, head over to our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides page.

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