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All Sphinx locations, riddle solutions, and rewards in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Sphinx is a well-hidden character in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that challenges the players with some of the most confusing riddles ever seen in a video game. This guide will cover how to find the Sphinx, how to solve every riddle, and the rewards for completion.

How to complete Sphinx Riddles in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Sphinx quest is a two-parter, with each set containing five riddles. Afterward, the “final riddle” consists of a boss fight against the Sphinx. If you’re having trouble with only one riddle, jump around this page by using the Table of Contents below.

Before we get into the riddles, there is something very important you need to know. If you want to have a good chance at completing the Sphinx side quest in its entirety, it would be best switch to a vocation that can equip arrows by the time you reach the last riddle. Completing the quest is incredibly difficult without using the Unmaking Arrow. Now onto the riddles.

Now let’s get into it. Here is how to solve the Sphinx side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to find the Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before starting the riddles, you must find the Sphinx well hidden in the mountains. The Sphinx can be found in the Mountain Shrine, through the Ancient Ruins. I recommend starting from Checkpoint Rest Town and heading north. Follow the path in the image below until you reach the Ancient Ruins, and then progress through it to get to the Mountain Shrine.

How to get to the Sphinx in Dragon's Dogma 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now that you have found the Sphinx, it’s time to solve the long list of riddles. To make it simple, we will start with the first available option: the Riddle of Eyes.

Riddle of Eyes solution

The Riddle of Eyes is one of the easiest riddles in the quest, but it doesn’t seem that way initially. The Sphinx will ask you to retrieve an “item of greatest value” inside a door that opens nearby. Head inside the door and immediately upon entering, pull a 360 and look up. You will notice a treasure chest up high, which you can reach by climbing the rocks.

Riddle of Eyes Sphinx solution
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Open the treasure chest to get the Sealing Phial item. The Sealing Phial is the “item of greatest value,” so return it to the Sphinx and hand it over. After handing it over, you will have completed the Riddle of Eyes, and a treasure chest will open.

Reward: Wakestone

Riddle of Madness solution

For the Riddle of Madness, the Sphinx will say, “Bring forth your most beloved to me, that I might gauge the depth of your insanity.” In other words, your job is to bring the Sphinx a character with whom you have high affinity. This can be someone you completed a quest for, someone you have been providing gifts to, etc.

Once you find that specific someone who is your “beloved,” pick them up and use a Ferrystone to fast-travel to the portcrystal you placed down near the Sphinx. If you didn’t place down a Portcrystal, you will have to carry your beloved all the way to the Sphinx.

You can tell you have a high affinity with a character if they blush when you speak with them and how your character holds them. For example, if your affinity is low, you will hold them over your shoulder. On the other hand, if your affinity is high, you will cradle them in your arms.

Reward: Portcrystal

Riddle of Wisdom solution

The Riddle of Wisdom will have the Sphinx asking you to “bring my parent, that I may learn.” I spent hours thinking of the answer to this riddle, as there were no real hints to point to the solution. Here’s how to solve the Riddle of Wisdom: find a pawn with the Sphinx parent Moniker. This can be either SphinxMother or SphinxFather.

Riddle of Wisdom solution Dragon's Dogma 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Lucky for you, there is a Riftstone filled with Sphinx Parent Monikers. Head to the Riftstone of Fellowship near the main entrance of Harve Village and recruit one of the pawns with a Sphinx Parent Moniker.

Riddle of Wisdom solution Dragon's Dogma 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now, head back to the Sphinx and place the pawn in front of it (by carrying and placing it down).

Reward: 1,200 Rift Crystals

Riddle of Conviction solution

The easiest riddle is the Riddle of Conviction. The Sphinx will say, “So grant to me what you most prize, and hence elude your ponderous demise.” It sounds confusing, but it’s not at all. To solve this riddle, give the Sphinx any item in your inventory. It can literally be anything.

Reward: A duplicate of whatever item you gave to the Sphinx.

Riddle of Rumination solution

Dragon's Dogma 2 Sphinx First Seeker Token
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Riddle of Rumination is arguably the most frustrating Sphinx riddle in the game. It is also possibly the one riddle that will prevent a large amount of the player base from completing the Sphinx side quest and earning the trophy.

The Riddle of Rumination revolves around Seeker’s Tokens. The Sphinx will say, “Where did you find your first? Retrace your steps.” Yup, you guessed it. You need to go to the location where you found your first Seeker’s Token. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know for sure where you found your first Seeker Token unless you have a really good memory.

I recommend searching for an interactive map online and visiting all the Seeker’s Tokens spots in the starting area near Melve. Since Melve is the starting area, your first Seeker’s Token was likely found there.

Anyways, at the spot of your first Seeker’s Token, it will now be a Finder’s Token. Bring the Finder’s Token to the Sphinx to officially solve the Riddle of Rumination. Keep in mind that you have seven in-game days to complete this riddle, so try to act fast.

Reward: 3x Ferrystone

How to find the Sphinx’s second location in Dragon’s Dogma 2

After solving (or failing) the Riddle of Rumination, the Sphinx will move locations, and it’s time to find the next spot. You can find the Sphinx at the Frontier Shrine, south of the Sphinx’s original spot and west of Checkpoint Rest Town. Here is the exact location of the Frontier Shrine:

The Sphinx's second location in Dragon's Dogma 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When facing Checkpoint Rest Town, take a right and head down and past the bridge leading to a river.

Path To The Sphinx Dragon's Dogma 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Next, follow the path shown in the image. Eventually, you will find a path branching off to the west, and you will reach the Sphinx’s new location.

Riddle of Reunion solution

Your first riddle is the Riddle of Reunion, and it will complete automatically when speaking with the Sphinx. In other words, finding the Sphinx at the new location was the riddle. A chest will open behind the Sphinx, so go ahead and claim your prize.

Reward: 100,000 Gold

Riddle of Contest solution

For the Riddle of Contest, the Sphinx will summon an enemy to fight against you, and you must defeat it. The catch is that you need to complete the fight while equipped with the Ring of Derision. This ring reduces all of your stats to the lowest possible value.

The best way to approach this fight is to try to stagger the enemy and throw it off the cliff to the right of the Sphinx. However, staggering the enemy is tough if you have a magic build, so I recommend switching to the Warrior or Fighter vocation for this riddle. Once you defeat the enemy, the Riddle of Contest will conclude.

Reward: Ring of Ambition (increases experience points gained).

Riddle of Differentiation solution

Another riddle that requires you to find a specific person is the Riddle of Differentiation. The Sphinx will show you a hologram of a person you need to find, so it’s your job to find this person.

It’s not that simple, though, because two characters in the game—Dante and Vergil — are twins. I can’t tell you which one to find considering this changes depending on the player.

Dante and Vergil look almost identical, so differentiating them can be very hard. The best way to go about this riddle is to go into your history in the pause menu, select NPC logbook, and scroll down to Dante and Vergil. You can then compare the two and determine which one to find.

Here is what Dante looks like:

Dante sphinx riddle in Dragon's Dogma 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

And here is an image of Vergil:

Riddle of Differentiation Dragon's Dogma 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you have deciphered who the Sphinx wants, head to that character’s location. Here is where you can find each character:

  • Dante: Located in Checkpoint Rest Town
  • Vergil: Found on the opposite side of the big gate in Checkpoint Rest Town that leads to Battahl.

Once you find the correct twin, pick him up and use a Ferrystone to teleport back to the Sphinx. If you didn’t place down a Portcrystal at the Sphinx’s location at the Frontier Shrine, you can pick him up and travel there by foot or seal him in the Sealing Phial if you still have it. Either way you go about it, just make sure to bring the correct twin to the Sphinx.

Lastly, place the man (Dante or Veril) on the platform in front of the Sphinx and speak to him. You have now completed the Riddle of Differentiation.

Reward: Whimsical Daydream (Trickster weapon).

Riddle of Recollection solution

The Riddle of Recollection is tricky and requires a good memory. The Sphinx will ask you how many riddles you have answered up to this point, and if you give the correct number, you succeed. Here is how you can remember how many riddles you have answered:

  • You completed the first part of the Sphinx quest at the Mountain Shrine, so that’s five riddles.
  • Add the number of chests opened behind the Sphinx at the Frontier Shrine since each solved riddle results in an opened chest.

For example, if you have been following this guide to a tea, then two chests should be opened behind the Sphinx. This means the answer to this riddle is seven. Five at Mountain Shrine and two at Frontier Shrine.

Once you discover your answer, place that number of statues before the Sphinx. Next, speak to the Sphinx to complete the riddle.

Reward: Unmaking Arrow (one hit kills mostly anything).

Riddle of Futility solution

Riddle of Futility solution Dragon's Dogma 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In The Riddle of Futility, the Sphinx asks you to bring a fragile Amphora to a character named Maurits, who is located in Bakbhattal. He is beside a Sphinx mural, the exact location shown in the image below.

Sphinx Riddle of Futility Dragon's Dogma 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You don’t want to pick up the Amphora and carry it all the way to Bakbhattal, considering that it can break very easily. If it breaks, you fail the riddle. The game also doesn’t allow you to fast-travel with the Amphora.

Instead, you want to bring Maurits to the Amphora (not the other way around). You can do this in one of two ways: fast-travel with a Ferrystone while holding Maurits to a Portcrystal at the Sphinx’s location, or carry him to the Amphora and Sphinx’s location. You could also seal him in the Sealing Phial if you still have it.

However you decide to do it, once you arrive at the Sphinx’s location, place Maurits down next to the Amphora. Maurits will speak to you briefly, so exhaust his dialogue and then speak with the Sphinx. This concludes the Riddle of Futility.

Reward: Eternal Bond (significantly raises affinity with a character when gifted).

The Final Riddle of the Sphinx

How to get the Eternal Wakestone in Dragon's Dogma 2
Image: Capcom

After completing the Ring of Futility, the Sphinx will thank you and begin to fly away. You must stop the Sphinx from leaving if you want to get the final reward in the big chest.

Right when the Sphinx begins to fly away, start attacking it and command your pawns to attack it as well. The Sphinx will then accept your challenge, and the battle is on.

Fighting the Sphinx is no easy feat, but it is mandatory to get the final reward. I recommend keeping your distance, avoiding projectiles and elemental attacks, and finding the right time to attack. I also recommend having a Warrior and a Mage in your party, with the Warrior able to deal high damage and the Mage able to heal your squad.

Now, here is the most important part: when you get the Sphinx’s health low enough, its necklace will shine purple. When the necklace shines purple, equip the Unmaking Arrow and fire it at the Sphinx. If the Unmaking Arrow doesn’t kill it, attack a few more times to finish it off.

Once you defeat the Sphinx, you will earn the Reaper’s Scorn PlayStation trophy. The Sphinx will also drop a ton of gold and a large key. Use the key to open the large chest, which will contain the Eternal Wakestone. There is only one Eternal Wakestone in the game and it can be used to revive a whole group of people, instead of just one.

I recommend saving the Eternal Wakestone if the Dragonplague takes over your game. This way you can revive everyone that dies during the calamity.

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