Best Multiversus Mods and Skins

Multiversus is the kind of game that simply begs for custom modifications, especially the character reskins. Fortunately, the game community has been working hard on bringing some of the most beloved characters to our attention in this game.

Our guide includes some of the best utility mods for Multiversus, but the rest are skin mods, which can be installed by following these steps:

120-144 FPS Limit Mod

The current FPS cap in Multiversus is set on 60 FPS, which players cannot overcome by default means. But this mod allows PC players to go way over 120 FPS.

The creators of the mod warn players that this mod needs to be installed and used only on high-end PCs, or it will often crash your game. So if you do have a fully stable 60 FPS right now, then you should have no problem using this mod.

Get this mod here.

Ultimate Free Camera Mod

Are you tired of the fixed view in Multiversus? Here’s the mod that allows you to fully control the angle and the distance of the camera in the game.

The camera menu can be enabled in the Lab after installing the mod. Once you are satisfied with the new settings, you can start playing in other modes with the chosen new camera angle.

Get this mod here.

Fionna the Human Skin Mod

It did not take long for there to be a Fionna reskin of Finn, and it looks great!

This mod pack actually includes two skins: one with the blue sweater, and one with red. 

Get this mod here.

Link Skin Mod

It was only a matter of time before Link from Zelda series of video games arrives in Multiversus, albeit in the form of a mod.

This skin effectively replaces Wonder Woman, but you will notice that this is actually a very organic choice, which feels totally natural as LInk.

Get this mod here.

Saul Goodman Skin Mod

Saul Goodman, the infamous lawyer from “Better Call Saul” series, can replace Shaggy in this excellent reskin mod.

Unfortunately this mod doesn’t include voice over changes, as that’s exactly what makes the Saul Goodman character so flavorful. Nonetheless, it doesn’t ruin the fact the this skin is quite impressive.

Get this mod here.

Optimus Prime Skin Mod

You guessed it right, the Optimus Prime skin from Transformers franchise now takes the place of Iron Giant.

The attention to detail may be the best so far. There are many great reskins for Multiversus, but Optimus Prime takes the cake as the most vibrant one.

Get this mod here.

Batman Beyond Skin Mod

The original Batman looks cool, but this new reskin from “Batman Beyond” animated film is even more stylish.

The dark elements have been made deeper, and the bright red Btaman logo makes the character look even more menacing.

The file does replace the default Batman skin, so make sure that you want this one instead before installing.

Get this mod here.

Walter White Skin Mod

Shaggy has to be the most replacable skin in Multiversus, and this time it has been taken over by another shady figure from TV, a well known criminal Walter White from the “Breaking Bad” series.

Although he sports his trademark yellow suit here, he’s not cooking anything.

Get this mod here.

Venom Skin Mod

There are a couple of variants of Venom reskins in Multiversus, but this one seems to have the better design.

Here Venom has all the facial features of the original comic book character, as well as the famous white spider logo on his chest.

Don’t be surprised that he’s playing with a basket-ball, since this mod replaces LeBron’s character skin.

Get this mod here.

Sonic the Hedgehog Skin Mod

Sonic the Hedgehog is a real character in Smash Bros., so why can’t he be in the Multiversus?

This mod replaces the Shaggy model with a really fine Sonic reskin, which carries all of its trademark characteristics.

Once again, the only thing lacking is the voice of Sonic, but Shaggy’s will do for now.

Get this mod here.

Waluigi Skin Mod

Here is another attempt to make Shaggy look “bad”. The Waluigi reskin has already been widely advertised by the Multiversus community, so you can try it now for yourself.

This mod and the Sonic one have been inspired by the Smash Bros. models that really fit the aesthetics of Multiversus.

Get this mod here.

Those are the best mods and skins for Multiversus. For more, click the links or visit our dedicated Multiversus guides page.

Published Aug. 10th 2022

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