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Best Terminid Build and Loadout

Helldivers 2 features a range of enemies who pose a threat to Super Earth, and players must defeat them to liberate planets. One of the challenging threats players must fight off is Terminids. Terminids are pesky bugs, ranging from Hunters and Scavengers to flying Shriekers and Bile Titans.



Defeating Terminids in Helldivers 2 is no easy feat since they’re exceptionally fast and powerful. They usually use melee and swarming attacks to defeat players, which makes it even more challenging to take them down due to their overwhelming numbers. However, equipping a balanced build and loadout can be the difference between dying and saving Super Earth. Here’s the best build and loadout for defeating Terminids in Helldivers 2.

You can experiment and replace any of these weapons based on what works best for you and the mission at hand.


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Best Terminid Build and Loadout in Helldivers 2

helldivers 2 terminid loadout

The best Terminid build and loadout offers a decent range of variety in all aspects, from taking down giant, armored bugs to defeating small ones at close distances. The best loadout is as follows:

Category Weapon
Primary weapon SG-225 Breaker Shotgun
Secondary weapon P-19 Redeemer
Grenade G-12 High Explosive
Stratagem Eagle Cluster Bomb, Orbital Laser, Autocannon, RS-422 Railgun

This build is ideal for blowing up bug nests, killing Shriekers and Shrieker nests, and groups of Terminids. The SG-225 Breaker Shotgun has the ability to one-shot most small and medium-sized bugs, especially when aimed at their weak spot, making it the ideal primary weapon. It can also deal devastating damage to giant bugs at close range.

The P-19 Redeemer is the perfect pistol for finishing off bugs that are still crawling around. The pistol has a high fire rate, allowing you to oppress Terminids with firepower at close range. If you run out of ammo on your primary weapon, switch to the P-19 Redeemer to take down the remaining bugs.

As for grenades, you need a powerful explosive like the G-12 High Explosive that can take out swarms of bugs with a single blow. Remember, Terminids use swarming attacks to overwhelm and defeat Helldivers, so equipping yourself with grenades that can thin them out within seconds is crucial to survival.

As for Stratagems, you need to equip four powerful Stratagems that can easily close bug breaches. This ensures you don’t get overrun by Terminids. We recommend the Orbital Laser, Eagle Cluster Bomb, RS-422 Railgun and Autocannon. Helldivers 2 has a solid selection of Stratagems, which means you can’t go wrong with equipping any of them, depending on your playstyle and preference.


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February 8, 2024

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