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Bleach: Brave Souls to debut new characters as part of Thousand-Year Blood War arc

  • Bleach: Brave Souls is debuting three new characters from and set in the Thousand-year Blood War arc
  • Meninas, Rangiku, and Yumichika will debut in the new update
  • The update will also see the Sprint Festival Campaign and a new summoning campaign with guaranteed five-star draws

Bleach: Brave Souls, the top-down action brawler based on the hit anime series, is debuting new reinforcements inspired by the Thousand-year Blood War arc. Meninas, Rangiku, and Yumichika will be available as five-star reinforcements. The update will also see the return of the Spring Festival Campaign, with exclusive items available and social media campaigns commemorating the new characters.

The Blood War Zenith Summons: Reinforcements! event means that by making summons during the period running from March 31st to April 15th you will gain at least one of the featured five-star characters each step until step 20. At step 25 you’ll receive a ticket to redeem a character of your choosing.

Quincy vs Reaper

And if you’re like me and are a bit of a lapsed Bleach reader, or just not familiar with the series, you may be wondering what exactly a Thousand-year Blood War is when it’s at home. Essentially, the series Brave Souls is based on there are two groups that battle the lost spirits known as Hollows. One are the Shinigami, who are devoted to reclaiming these lost souls and ushering them to the afterlife, and the other are the Quincys.

Slightly un-intimidating name aside, Quincys destroy Hollows instead of reclaiming their souls, threatening to put the entire world in jeopardy, since unbalancing the number of souls will…well, not go well for anyone involved. Naturally, this led to a previous war where the Shinigami nearly wiped them out.

But in Thousand-Year Blood War the Quincys are back with a vengeance, so check out Bleach: Brave Souls to recruit your favourite characters from either faction and battle it out with the Hollows!

Want to figure out who the best characters to recruit are? Check out our tier list for all the available heroes, Shinigami, Quincy or otherwise, to recruit in Bleach: Brave Souls!

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