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Blox Fruits Race Tier List

In Blox Fruits, there are different races that you can become and awaken for more power and passive abilities. Here are all the races, ranked, so you know which are the best.

What is the best race in Blox Fruits?

Below is a complete tier list of all the races in Blox Fruits. They have been ranked according to popular opinion and their abilities, which for the most part provides objective distinctions between the races. Know that this ranking is subject to change as more races are added and as stats are tweaked, so I’ll make sure this ranking is up to date.

Although some races provide starkly better passives than others, don’t let this list dictate your playstyle in Blox Fruits. You should experiment with the races to find which ones better suit you, and provide the most fun.

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S Tier

This race is commonly agreed to be the best in the game, currently. I’d strive to have this one if I were you!

  • Shark – This race focuses on defense and has some swimming advantages that the other races don’t have. Sharks have a natural resistance to water damage from fruits.

A Tier

These races are certainly powerful. I’d be careful going up against them!

  • Angel – This race has extra jump boosts, which are handy for almost every situation in Blox Fruits. Also, it can unlock an ability at V3 which heals you and reduces damage taken. Angel is fantastic for staying out of reach of other players.
  • Cyborg – With a boosted defense, Cyborgs benefit from being tough to break down. Also, they’ll gain an ability at V3 which breaks instinct and deals damage, which is typically highly desirable.

B Tier

This race is a pretty perfect embodiment of middleweight. It’s good, but not great.

  • Ghoul – This race benefits from a life steal. It also shares a lot of characteristics of the other races, although not as strongly. Ghouls are generally a good balanced mix and provide a great jack-of-all-trades approach to Blox Fruits.

C Tier

I would probably not bother sticking with this race for too long.

  • Human – This race starts with no buffs, making it less useful and powerful off the bat. At V3, however, humans gain an ability that increases their damage as their health is dropped, making them somewhat viable.

D Tier

If I were you, I’d steer clear from this race if I could. It simply doesn’t compete with the others.

  • Rabbit – This race only has an increase of speed going for it. Even its V3 ability just increases speed further. Although that sounds great when it comes to evading and escaping, it doesn’t help with combat power or defense at all.

You’re going to want to know how to fly in Blox Fruits, regardless of which race you choose.

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