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Bugsnax card game funded on Kickstarter, not an April Fools’

There is a Bugsnax card game on the cards.

The project was announced yesterday, when developer Young Horses was quick to assure its community that it was not an April Fools’ Day joke. Rather, it was a Kickstarter campaign.

Now, this Kickstarter has proved successful, with Bugsnax: The Card Game funded within a matter of hours. At the time of writing, it is sitting at £21,130 pledged of an initial £11,960 goal.

Bugsnax: The Card Game Kickstarter Trailer

Bugsnax: The Card Game Kickstarter Trailer.

“Based on the hit video game, Bugsnax: The Card Game is a bite-sized race to eat your fill! Take on the role of your favourite Grumpus and use their unique ability cards, along with your tricky traps, to outwit the other players and overcome the Bugsnax defences. Be the first to chow down on six points worth of Bugsnax, and you’ll be crowned the Snakmaster General,” the official description reads.

The game can be played in standard mode – something the team said is best for “a casual burst of bug-catching fun” – or in advanced mode. This will present players with a “longer and more strategic experience”. The card game is meant for 2-6 players of all ages, although the card game’s team suggest those over seven will have the best experience.

Each copy of Bugsnax: The Card Game will include an instruction manual, six base decks, and 10 advanced decks. Here is what is in each deck:

Standard Decks

  • Standard Trap Deck (28 cards)
  • Standard Snax deck (22 cards)
  • Standard Grump Decks (4 decks, 32 cards total)
  • Chandlo
  • Snorpy
  • Filbo
  • Shelda

Advanced Decks

  • Advanced Snax Deck (18 cards)
  • Advanced & Expert Grump Decks (9 decks, 76 cards total)
  • Triffany
  • Wambus
  • Lizbert
  • Cromdo
  • Eggabell
  • Beffica
  • Floofty
  • Gramble
  • Wiggle

Bugsnax The Card Game Standard Deck

Bugsnax The Card Game Advanced Deck

A look at the standard and advanced decks. | Image credit: Young Horses

As for Bugsnax itself, our Donlan recommended the game back on its original release in 2020, calling it a “fascinating spin on creature collecting”.

“The real fun here is discovery and interpretation, two things that both require a little mystery,” he wrote in Eurogamer’s Bugsnax review. “Really, it would be good for you to stop reading now and go and play it. Go and play Bugsnax. It’s not a spoiler to tell you that it’s definitely worth your time.”

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