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Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Will Give Free Trial Soon

Time to enjoy these new modes for free!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III will soon be offering a free trial in just a short bit of time. Activision is hoping to be able to draw more people in by letting players enjoy the new Capture th Flag mode for free. This will be a trial for a short period of time to allow players to play multiplayer mode with their friends or a lobbied game full of other players.

The dates that this event will fun from are April 4-8. Not only will it allow players to take part in Capture the Flag but also Zombies and Hordepoint Modes as well, which makes the whole event even more exciting. The free trial is supposed to start right after the launch of Season 3 on April 3, meaning players will be able to jump in with the new content shortly after it launches and enjoy it for a few days. Then, players will have the option to buy the game and continue playing.

Outside of these gamemodes which players will soon get to experince for free for limited time, there is three more modes coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare III soon: One in the Chamber, Minefield, and Escort. Some will be introduced next week and also get a free trial then as well.

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These modes will be really exciting for everyone to try during the time that the trial begins, and it is no lie that after many give them a try, they will want to buy the game and keep playing.


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