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Capcom Reveals Dino Crisis Is One Of Its Most Requested Games

Dino Crisis died a grizzly death in 2003 with the action-packed Xbox-exclusive threequel. In the over 20 years since, fans have been calling for a return to the series and its more horror-oriented roots, and they were only spurred on further when Capcom remade several of its classic Resident Evils. Now, it’s one of the company’s most heavily requested games.



Capcom tweeted a word cloud of some of the most popular comments across 200,000 votes from a recent survey, and right at the top in big bold lettering, standing side-by-side with Mega Man and even superseding Resident Evil And Ace Attorney, is Dino Crisis.

Contrary to Resident Evil’s ‘survival horror,’ creator Shinki Mikami claimed that Dino Crisis occupied a new kind of genre he called “survival panic”.

It’s not the first time Capcom has mentioned Dino Crisis since its unceremonious death. As recently as last year in September, it tweeted a celebration of the second game’s anniversary, which was met with a flood of comments demanding a remake.

Dino Crisis also made a comeback in 2022, albeit in a mobile card game alongside Resident Evil 4. Fans even thought that the initial Exoprimal reveal was a Dino Crisis one because it starred a red-haired heroine fighting dinosaurs. Easy mistake.

It’s been a dry two decades, so fans are clawing at the scraps like a hungry T-Rex. But optimism is growing thanks to this new tweet and the fact that the series’ 25th anniversary is right around the corner. Whether anything comes of it, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Dino Crisis isn’t the only highly-requested series that popped up in the word cloud. “Code” and “Veronica” appear separately, but put two and two together and you have a popular pick among the Resident Evil fanbase for the next remake. Dead Rising, the more slapstick zombie game in which you fight against the clock as you race to finish the story, can also be seen. It hasn’t had a new entry in eight years.


Why Is Capcom So Afraid Of Dino Crisis?

Please give us a reboot, remaster, or just about anything. We’re real hungry.

Darkstalkers, or just ‘Vampire’ in Japan, also appears on the word cloud. It’s a fighting series that hasn’t had a new entry since 2013. And then we have Star Force (or Mega Force), the ’80s vertical-scrolling shooter. A lot of fan-favourites, and a whole lot of fans hoping something comes of this demand.


Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis is a survival horror game from Capcom, in which you guide special agent Regina on a mission to an island populated by dinosaurs.

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