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Cassette Beasts gets multiplayer update and mobile release

Creature collecting RPG Cassette Beasts will receive a multiplayer update in May, plus it’s heading to mobile devices this year.

Publisher Raw Fury held a Cassette Beasts showcase (below) detailing a number of new features coming to the game.

The big addition is multiplayer, coming to all platforms on 20th May, which not only allows players to battle each other and trade monsters, but also explore cooperatively.

Cassette Beasts Showcase 2024

Cassette Beasts’ 2024 showcase video.

Up to eight players can party up and play together, all visible in the same world. And that will be crossplay across all platforms.

If you’re keen to try out multiplayer, the Steam version has a free public beta version available now.

What’s more, Cassette Beats will soon arrive on Android and iOS devices. More information will be revealed in the next month.

Further, the game will receive a crossover with another creature collecting game: Moonstone Island. It will be available for free as part of the multiplayer update and will include themed costumes. Cassette Beasts’ Pombomb creature will also be added to Moonstone Island’s Spirit roster from 20th May.

Cassette Beasts first released in April last year and is still available on Game Pass. “Classic Pokémon expertly remixed for those who feel they have aged out of the series’ target audience,” Caelyn Ellis wrote in Eurogamer’s Cassette Beasts review.

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