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Chill Pulse – Gamify Your Productivity

What’s better than setting up some great, chill music to listen to while studying or doing some work? Gamifying your productivity using Chill Pulse! Much like Spirit City: Lofi Sessions, this game features a relaxing atmosphere in the way of beautiful, immersive visuals. Pick your preferred environment like a cozy and warm study with snow falling softly outside the window. Or perhaps you enjoy a dark, futuristic room with the neon lights of a cyberpunk city shining in the window. Pair it with the best music to suit your mood, and get to work! 

Chill Pulse encourages you to meet your work or study goals by offering an engaging and rewarding experience. You unlock new environments, soundtracks, and features as you achieve your work and study goals. There’s even a bit of a story to this productivity tool that unfolds in the background as you work. Of course, this can be done during your breaks as the game features a Pomodoro timer to help keep you on track! Set your work duration, as well as your break duration to ensure you can keep on task while giving yourself breaks. You can even make to-do lists and break those down to optimize your workflow. 

Release Date

Chill Pulse is coming to Steam in April!


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