Cult of the Lamb Best Weapons List

Every weapon in Cult of the Lamb comes with specific attributes that can make or break your success when clearing dungeons. Some weapons are ungodly strong but are slow to wield, and there are others that swing swiftly but only reduce the enemy’s health by 0.00001%. With that in mind, you may be wondering which weapons are the best. 

Weapons and Curses spawn when you enter a dungeon, but which weapons and Curses spawn is completely random; you never know what you are going to get. Each weapon is either found by default as you make your way through dungeons or unlocked through delivering Sermons.

Weapon Types

On top of the attributes that come with each weapon, you will unlock weapons that have effects, as well. Here is each type of weapon that you can unlock through delivering Sermons: 

  • Bane Weapons can poison an enemy when attacking.
  • Vampiric Weapons can heal the wielder upon slaying an enemy.
  • Necromantic Weapons can summon dangerous ghosts from dead enemies that attack nearby foes.
  • Zealous Weapons can cause collected Fervour to increase your Divine Inspiration bar.
  • Merciless Weapons can confer a critical hit when attacking enemies.
  • Godly Weapons can deal significantly more damage than mortal weapons but are rare.

Starter Weapons

When you start out, you will have a set of base weapons to start out in the Old Faith. Here are the ones we have seen so far, without needing any upgrades from your Altar:

  • Crusaders Blade I: 1.5 damage, 1 speed.
  • Apostates Cleaver I: 3 damage, 0.5 speed.
  • Crusaders Blade IV: 1.7625 damage, 1 speed. 
  • Crusaders Blade II:  1.5875 damage, 1 speed. 
  • Traitors Razor I: 1.4 damage, 2 speed. 
  • Apostates Cleaver II: 3.175 damage, 0.5 speed. 
  • Traitors Razor V: 1.776 damage, 2 speed. 
  • Crusaders Blade VI: 1.9375 damage, 1 speed.
  • Tempest Gauntlets IV: 2.9375 damage, 0.8 speed.
  • Apostates Cleaver V: 3.7 damage, 0.5 speed. 
  • Warmakers Hammer VII: 8.1 damage, 0.25 speed.
  • Tempest Gauntlets VII: 3.520833 damage, 0.8 speed. 

Best Weapons

Choosing the right weapon can be a little bit difficult, so let’s take a quick look at which weapons we believe are the best in Cult of the Lamb.

Tempest Gauntlets VII

  • 3.520833 damage, 0.8 speed.

The gauntlets are a type of fist weapon that you will naturally encounter as you progress through the game. While the Tempest Gauntlets VII aren’t the fastest weapons, they make up for that low speed in raw damage. Swiping foes that stand in your way is satisfying to watch with this weapon as well because it has a neat little black swipe mark that crosses the path as you attack. 

Bane Dagger IV 

  • Chance to poison the enemy. 
  • 1.692 damage, 2 speed.

Daggers are by far the fastest weapons in Cult of the Lamb, and Bane Dagger IV is quick and effective even for a dagger. Sporting a healthy amount of damage and good speed, it isn’t too difficult to slash enemies to pieces throughout the Old Faith. 

Vampiric Sword IV 

  • Chance to heal the wielder using the life force of a slain foe. 
  • 1.7625 damage, 1 speed.

A sword that confers health when you slice and dice an enemy into oblivion? We think yes. Vampiric Sword IV is not only fast but extremely effective, meaning you can survive longer in dungeons by regaining health from slain enemies, and you can destroy any critter that stands in your way. 

Bane Axe V

  • Chance of poisoning enemies when attacking.
  • 3.7  damage, 0.5 speed.

Don’t let the speed of this weapon turn you away. It’s as slow as a turtle, but its damage makes up for that. Usually, Bane Axe V is a one-hit, one-kill type of weapon (other than for bosses, of course), meaning you will get through dungeons much quicker. On the flip side, you must remember to dodge if you are going to use an axe; the swing time will get you killed if you aren’t careful. 

Crusaders Blade X

This sword is quick and to the point. Sure, we chose two swords for this list, but this one is a good one that shouldn’t be overlooked. The amount of damage per swing is better than most of the base swords you will find when you begin, and the speed is perfect. 

It is important to remember that weapons are completely random each time you enter a dungeon, so you won’t be able to choose ahead of time. But these are the best ones to pick up should you come across them. For more on Cult of the Lamb, we’ve got a handful of guides over here, including how to get Tarot Cards, how to recruit Followers, the best Doctrines, and a full list of Rituals.

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