Cult of the Lamb: How to Recruit Followers and Keep Them Happy

What is a cult without Followers? Well, it’s just someone standing around screaming rules at themselves. In Cult of the Lamb, acolytes are a little difficult to maintain, as they have many needs and wants, and some are kind of weird. 

Though they have their quirks, your cult members are beneficial if you treat them right, and they will keep your cult thriving by mining for stone, hacking trees for wood, and even tending to your luscious garden. This Cult of the Lamb guide tells you how to get Followers, why they’re important in keeping the faith, and how to ensure they stay healthy. It also includes a full traits list.

How to Get Followers

You can grow your cult by discovering, recruiting, and saving supporters in four different ways:

  • Dungeons: You can run through dungeons and save them from the crazy and bloodthirsty monsters within.
  • Bosses: Each Boss at the end of every dungeon also turns into a scared little follower looking for a home, so you can snag them that way.
  • Helob: As you progress, you will be able to rescue Followers from a very greedy spider named Helob; you can pay Helob with Coin to save Followers from being eaten.
  • Side Quests: Your current members will also give you side quests that allow you to take in new Followers. Be sure to read the quest descriptions very carefully before accepting them, though, because some of them may be sick, already revolting against the cult, or extremely elderly. 

Why Followers are Important

Followers are essential for many reasons, but they generate Devotion, which is super vital in Cult of the Lamb. When disciples worship you, they generate Devotion for you to collect. To collect Devotion, you must have a shrine built, one of the first quests you get when you begin the game, so there are no issues there. 

Devotion unlocks Divine Inspiration, and Divine Inspiration unlocks buildings for you to build for your Cult through the Shrine. These buildings range from jails to house upset members trying to coerce others into leaving your cult to cute little farming plots for you to build a farm from the ground up. 

Followers can also help around the plot to collect lumber, stone, and other resources while you are away, which helps a ton in the end-game. Keep in mind that they will also become hungry, like any lifeform, so make sure to forage and collect ingredients to make meals for them, or they will quickly starve and die. 

Keep the Faith and Devotion Flowing

You must maintain Faith within your Cult at all times. If your follower’s Faith falls too low, they will begin to dissent against you and can eventually leave the Cult or coerce others into dissenting, as well. This is bad news because once they become irate and stand on their soapbox, it is difficult to regain their Loyalty.

To maintain Faith, feed, care for, give gifts, and deliver Sermons daily. To boost Loyalty and Faith, make sure to Bless cult members daily for a +5 Loyalty increase.

Delivering Sermons draws power from your Followers and makes you stronger, allowing you to unlock weapons, abilities, and Curses that become vital as you progress. Those with a higher Loyalty level will generate more Devotion, meaning the more you have, the more Loyalty you can produce, which leads to more abilities, weapons, and Curses for you to use on your journey through the Old Faith dungeons. 

Followers also level up through Loyalty, so the more Loyalty they have, the higher level they will be, and that means better rewards.

Sometimes, it can be hard to remember to keep up with your acolytes as you hack and slash your way through dungeons. This is where Rituals become pretty handy. Depending on the Ritual, you can completely refill the Follower Hunger bar with the Feasting Ritual or refill their Faith by performing a Bonfire Ritual.

Have a follower that has dissented and is now spreading false information about you as a leader? Sacrifice him and stop him from leading your flock astray by performing the Sacrifice of the Flesh ritual. There are several options to choose from in terms of Rituals, and many of them help maintain the quality of life within your ranks. 

Keep Your Followers Healthy

Followers can become extremely sick and not only vomit all over your plot but poop everywhere as well. Keeping areas clean and sanitary is a sure way to keep them healthy and doing your bidding, so be sure to sweep up excrement, so they don’t get each other sick.

They can also become ill if they eat something that makes them sick, so be careful what you cook for them. Some will ask you to cook them a bowl of poop, which immediately makes them sick. To tend to a sickly follower, send them to bed to sleep it off, or bring them to a Healing Bay and use Camellia Flowers to get them back up and running strong in mere seconds. 

Finally, members can also become sick if you allow fallen Followers to rot and decay around the plot, so be sure to bury them to prevent the spread of disease. 

If you grow sick of cleaning up the filth yourself, you can build a Janitorial Station for them to clean up after themselves, or even better, an Outhouse so that they can do their business in a sanitary area rather than a bush.

All Follower Traits

Followers will also come with a preset collection of traits, with two being the maximum. These traits can either be negative or positive. Attributes such as Cynical are negative because it will take disciples longer to gain Loyalty points and level up. On the other hand, the Strong Consitution quality will allow a sick Follower to regain their strength 15% faster than one who doesn’t have the trait.

Here is a list of each of the traits we have seen so far, and whether they are Negative (N) or Positive(P). 

  • Germaphobe: Lose -10 Faith when falling ill (N).
  • Terrified of Death: Lose -5 faith when another follower dies (N).
  • Materialistic: Gain faith when building better sleeping quarters (P).
  • Strong Constitution: Heals 15% faster when sick and on bed rest (P).
  • Coprophiliac: Gain 10 Faith when falling ill (P).
  • Sloth: Work and Devotion generation speed reduced by 10% (N).
  • Faithless: Generates devotion 15% slower (N).
  • Sickly: Heals 15% slower when sick and on bed rest (N).
  • Zealous: Ignores Dissenters when they preach (P).
  • Against Sacrifice: -5 faith when a follower is sacrificed (N).
  • Gullible: 15% easier to level up (P).
  • Naturally Obedient: On recruiting this follower gain +10 faith (P).
  • Cynical: 15% harder to level up (N).
  • Natural Skeptic: Lose -10 Faith upon recruiting (N).

Keeping all of your Followers both happy and healthy is hard enough, not to mention keeping them Faithful and fully devoted to you. Hopefully, with this guide, you are more confident in how to keep them bowing before you and smiling endlessly as they eat bowls of fruit! For more tips, check out our other Cult of the Lamb articles, including our comprehensive Doctrines guide and list of all 36 Tarot Cards

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