Dark and Darker: Best Stealth Character Build

The Wizard in Dark and Darker may be able to go invisible for safety, but the Rogue offers stealth gameplay more in-line with what would traditionally be considered a “stealth build”. Our guide will provide you with the best stealth character build in Dark and Darker, including the best weapons, skills, and perks.

Best Stealth Class and Stats in Dark and Darker

Best Class: Rogue

Rogue is the most suitable class for stealth build due to several factors, including:

  • Access to an invisibility skill that allows you to sneak up on other players and monsters for a surprise attack, or simply sneak past them unnoticed.
  • Access to throwing knives with a variety of debuffs that are highly effective at range.
  • Access to better healing, as you can simply skip potions, and use bandages instead.

Best Stealth Rogue Stats

Stealthy Rogue should be both mobile and strong in order to quickly deal lots of damage. Here are the stats you should improve the most:

  • Physical Power includes physical strength for defenses, physical damage for attacks, and health points.
  • True Damage gives all your attacks immunity to any armor or physical damage reductions, making all of your attacks 100% effective.
  • Agility consists of action speed that allows you to attack and swap weapons faster, movement speed, and item equip speed, including weapons, armor, and jewelry.
  • Weapon Damage improves all damage dealt by your weapons of choice.

Best Weapons for a Rogue Stealth Build

Best Main Weapon: Rapier

Rapier is an excellent close to midrange weapon with high damage and a variety of thrusting and slashing attack patterns.

Rapier can be dropped by a number of mobs and bosses, including:

  • Skeleton Guardsman.
  • Goblin Warrior.
  • Skeleton Footman.
  • Demon Bat.
  • Ghost King (boss).
  • Lich (boss).

Best Offhand Weapon: Stiletto Dagger

Stiletto Dagger is basically a shorter version of Rapier, which allows for an even quicker and more precise series of cuts.

This offhand weapon is usually dropped by the following mobs and bosses:

  • Demon Dog.
  • Goblin Warrior.
  • Skeleton Footman.
  • Ghost King (boss).
  • Lich (boss).

Best Skills and Perks

When it comes to selecting your skills, it is once again recommended to focus on weapon damage and invisibility. Here are the best skills for Stealthy Rogue build:

  • Weakpoint Attack allows you to increase all of your damage by 50%, as well as reduce the defensive abilities of enemies by another 50%.
  • Hide is much better than your typical Invisibility potion, which can break at the slightest movement, as this skill allows you to change weapons and equipment while staying invisible.

When choosing perks for your build the focus stays the same, but adds even more buffs to your weapon damage and stealth. We recommend the following perks:

  • Ambush increases damage of all of your first attacks by 50%, if you’ve successfully ambushed your enemy.
  • Dagger Expert boosts the damage of your offhand dagger by 5%.
  • Poisoned Weapon imbues all of your weapon damage with 4 points of Poison magic, which can be stacked up to five times.
  • Stealth further improves your invisibility skill, which now allows you to walk or crouch as far as 10 steps without removing your invisibility spell.

You can also experiment with the Rupture skill, which adds Bleed damage to your weapons by 20%. Although the Weakpoint Attack is preferred, you can try one or the other to see which one is more effective in your case.

That’s everything you need to know on how to make the best stealth character build in Dark and Darker. Stay tuned for more Dark and Darker guides on our dedicate tips page.

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