Dark and Darker: What Do Red Portals Do? — Answered

If you have spent any time with Dark and Darker, you have noticed that there are two types of portals in the game: blue and red. The blue variety are called Escape Portals, and they allow you to leave dungeons. The red variety are called Descending (or Down) Portals. The function of these is quite different, and you may be wondering what Red Portals do. 

Our guide will answer the question: what do red portals do in Dark and Darker? You will also learn how to find these red portals.

What are Red Portals? Explained

Red portals allow you to enter the Inferno level of a dungeon, which is the hardest type of dungeon in the game. It is also the shortest dungeon type, with elite enemies and better loot.

You can enter Red Portals at a certain time and leave via Blue Exit Portals. Interacting with Red Portals is similar to interacting with Blue ones: you simply press the “F” key.

Once you enter the Inferno dungeon via a Red Portal, you will face the following new enemies and bosses:

  • Demon Centaur.
  • Demon Dog.
  • Demon Bat.
  • Lich (boss).
  • Ghost King (boss).

How to Find Red Portals

Red Portals spawn at certain times during a normal dungeon run. If you survive long enough, you will be able to interact with the Red Portal and enter the hardest level of the dungeon.

Here are the times when Red Portals become available according to the current countdown timer:

Once you have reached these times during the normal dungeon run, look around for Red Portals, as they spawn in random spots. The Inferno dungeon timer starts at 9:15, and the first Blue Portal appears at 3:25.

Now you know what Red Portals do and where to find them as you play through dungeons. While it isn’t necessary to dive into Inferno levels, it can be very lucrative and worth the challenge. Stay tuned for more Dark and Darker guides right here.

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