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Dead Cells Developers Confirm End of Major Updates After Next Content Drop

Dead CellsĀ updates will come to an end after the next major content drop, developers Evil Empire and Motion Twin have revealed.

In a new post on the game’s official Steam page, Motion Twin says thatĀ Dead CellsĀ Update 35 will constitute “the end of our creative journey on the game”.

Additionally, Evil Empire, which was created as an offshoot of Motion Twin back in 2019, confirmed on X (formerly known as Twitter) that it will stop work onĀ Dead CellsĀ and move onto pastures new.

Dead CellsĀ isn’t getting any more major updates after Update 35.

Motion Twin says that it’s endingĀ Dead CellsĀ updates as part of “avoiding the ‘more of the same’ trap” and keeping the game “fresh and original”.

The studio says it’s better not to overextend and risk players getting bored, and that this decision is also the reason for the studio’s relative silence regardingĀ Dead CellsĀ updates in recent months.

Although major updates for the game may be coming to an end, bug fixes and quality-of-life updates will still be released, and this isn’t the end of theĀ Dead CellsĀ franchise as a whole.

As Motion Twin points out, there are still projects underway in theĀ Dead CellsĀ world, including the upcoming animated series, a tabletop game, and “the Beheaded appearing in another world”.

The player flinging a magic spell at an enemy on a bridge in Dead Cells
Quality-of-life updates and bug fixes forĀ Dead CellsĀ will continue.

Evil Empire’s post on X says that theĀ Dead CellsĀ team has now been “unleashed to pump their talent into our secret projects”, and that those projects will be revealed “very soon”.

Motion Twin, meanwhile, is currently working on “lightning-fast action roguelite”Ā Windblown, which was announced during 2023’s Game Awards ceremony.

Unfortunately, there’s still no timeline regardingĀ Dead CellsĀ Update 35, which is currently in its alpha stage. Motion Twin says it’s not ready to release the update yet and promises more info in the future, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can pick upĀ Dead CellsĀ right now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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