Dead Island 2: All Consumable Blueprint Locations

Sometimes you have to make your own luck, and by that, we mean bullets. There are six blueprints found throughout Dead Island 2 that will allow you to fabricate ammunition and health kits at any workbench. Here are the locations of all the blueprints in DI2.

DIY: All Consumable Blueprints in Dead Island 2

Your first consumable blueprint is made available as part of the game’s tutorial, just after “Bel-Air Brawl.” Carlos will call out to you after you mod your first weapon and let you know that he’s offering you the Medkit blueprint for free. You can buy it from him at any time after that.

It’s quite a while before you see another blueprint, because it can be quite a while before you get your first gun. All 5 of the other available consumable blueprints in Dead Island 2 are for various types of ammunition, so they only show up after the story quest “Justifiable Zombicide” in Beverly Hills.

The other major consumable in DI2, Fuses, can only be bought in limited quantities from traders. Sadly, given some of the other crimes against electricity you can commit in DI2, you can’t figure out how to DIY a broken junction box.

Once you have a blueprint, you can make Medkits or ammo at any workbench via the Fabricate menu (below).

Screenshot by GameSkinny

All 6 consumable blueprints in Dead Island 2 can be bought from the following traders after you complete the associated quests. Note that all but the Medkit Blueprint cost $625.

  • Medkit Blueprint
    • Sold by: Carlos, automatically
    • Materials: Adhesive x2, Fabric x2, Chemicals x1
  • Pistol Rounds Blueprint
    • Sold by: Carlos, as of “Saddle Up for Santa Monica”
    • Materials: Gunpowder x3, Metal Parts x2
  • Rifle Rounds Blueprint
    • Sold by: Kai, starting after “The Red Mist”
    • Materials: Gunpowder x3, Metal Parts x2
  • Heavy Rounds Blueprint
    • Sold by: Rodriguez, after “Cremains of the Day”
    • Materials: Gunpowder x3, Metal Parts x2
  • Shotgun Shells Blueprint
    • Sold by: Rodriguez, after “Cremains of the Day”
    • Materials: Gunpowder x3, Metal Parts x2
  • Nailgun Cartridges Blueprint
    • Sold by: Dougie, after “Plumbing the Depths”
    • Materials: Gunpowder x3, Metal Parts x2

In case you haven’t memorized everyone’s names yet:

  • Kai is the cook at the Blue Crab Shack on Venice Beach, and
  • Dougie is the trader/bartender at the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue.
  • Rodriguez is the Army officer who’s holed up at the top of the tower in the military encampment in western Venice Beach.

Rodriguez is the toughest to reach. If you make it through her gauntlet of traps and speak with her, she offers the side quest “Cremains of the Day.” Complete that and you’ll improve Rodriguez’s mood enough that she’s now willing to open trade with you. It’s worth the effort, as Rodriguez also sells a couple of new Curveballs.

As a general rule, Medkits and ammunition are plentiful, and any that you find out in the world will eventually respawn. If you’re just looking to stock up, crafting isn’t your most efficient option. Medkits require Adhesive, which is in high demand for many of your best weapon mods, and ammunition uses Gunpowder, which is one of the less common materials.

On the other hand, if you’re in a tight spot and out of resources, being able to craft a few bullets and a Medkit might make all the difference in the world. It’s better to have the option, even if you don’t typically need it. For more details on Dead Island 2‘s dizzying variety of collectible items, check out our other DI2 guides.

Featured screenshot by GameSkinny

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