Dead Space Remake Collectibles Guide: Chapter 1 New Arrivals

There are 20 collectibles in the first chapter of the Dead Space Remake, including logs and Nodes, both of which you’ll need for trophies and achievements. In New Arrivals, as in other chapters, there are automatic pickups that you can’t miss and quite a few hidden items that count toward various trophies and achievements.

Of course, all of the collectibles in New Arrivals expand on the story and the game’s lore. This guide tells you where to find them, including logs and Nodes. You’ll also pick up the Plasma cutter and the Stasis Module in New Arrivals, and have the opportunity to nab your first suit upgrade near the end. 

Note: You’ll automatically pick up eight logs as you follow the critical path: 

  • Audio Log: Run! 
  • Video Log: Repair the Tram System
  • Audio Log: Dismemberment
  • Audio Log: Replaced the Tram Car
  • Audio Log: Found the Data Board
  • Audio Log: En Route to the Bridge
  • Audio Log: Arrived at the Bridge
  • Video Log: Get to Medical

In total, you’ll find 16 missable logs and four missable Nodes. You’ll also find one weapon (the Plasma Cutter) and one Stasis Module; both are impossible to overlook. Finally, you’ll also be able to grab a suit upgrade at the end of the level at the first shop, though you could technically get the suit upgrade later, whenever you have the 10,000 Credits and desire to do so. 

To be clear, this guide does not cover the locations for the Marker Fragments found in New Game Plus. That is the subject of another guide I’m currently working on. 

All Collectibles in Dead Space Chapter 1: New Arrivals

Text Log (Background Request)

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Put on your helmet after the cutscene. Turn around, and go into the opening with the flickering light on the left. The log is on the ground. 

Text Log (Sponsored Post)

Screenshot by GameSkinny

The USG Ishimura. Leave the Kellion, and follow Hammond, Chen, and Daniels down the walkway. Open the locked door to the Flight Lounge. Go inside, turn left, and pick up the log from the table underneath the Welcome Aboard sign. 

Audio Log (Send Help)

Screenshot by GameSkinny

After getting the Plasma Cutter, go through the nearby doorway toward the Tram Control Room. Follow the path left, then through the door on the right. Interact with the control panel next to the fan inside the door, underneath the red Security Phone sign. 

Audio Log (Stasis Door)

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Walk up the ramp toward the malfunctioning door. You’ll get an audio call from Daniels. 

Node 1 Location

Screenshot by GameSkinny

As soon as you enter the door labeled Tram Repair, turn right. Interact with the blue box on the wall on the right. 

Audio Log (Stasis Module Request)

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Turn left from the blue Node box, and interact with the workbench before the path leads up, across from the red Claw Disengaged sign. 

Audio Log (Autoloader)

Go up the walkway from the last collectible, and interact with repair tram controls. Then try to initiate the right claw twice. You’ll get a call from Daniels telling you to hurry, and Isaac saying that he’ll use Stasis. 

Node 2 Location

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Go all the way back to the Tram Control Room, then right into the Cargo and Baggage Hall. Follow it to the end, then right. You’ll find a circuit breaker at the end; pull the right lever. Go back down the hall and into the Cargo Hall Storage door on the right. The blue node box is in the back right corner of the room. Be sure to grab the Bronze Semiconductor off the shelves on the left.

Text Log (Repair Invoice)

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Enter the Maintenance Bay, and follow the objective to the elevator. Take the elevator up. Exit, and follow the objective marker to the next circuit breaker. Turn right at the breaker, and pick the log up off the chair near the control desk bathed in brown light. 

Node 3

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Return to the circuit breaker, and flip the left-most switch. Go back to the elevator, and take it down. Exit at the bottom, and follow the objective marker/blue cable to the previously locked Maintenance Bay Office in the Maintenance Bay. Inside the door, look directly across to the far wall for the Node box. 

Text Log (Poker Invitation)

Screenshot by GameSkinny

This collectible is on the shelves directly to the left of the Node in the same room. 

Node 4 Location

Screenshot by GameSkinny

After calling the Tram, follow the objective marker out of the control, down the hall, and to an elevator. Take the elevator up. Exit the elevator, and follow the path ahead and around to the left. Enter the Flight Deck Supply Room on the left. Inside, you’ll find the Node box in the back right of the room. 

Those are all of the collectibles found in Chapter 1: New Arrivals in the Dead Space Remake, including all of the logs, Nodes, weapons, and other items. Now on to Chapter 2. 

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