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Design the Perfect Home in Cozy Space

There appears to be an uptick in cozy room designing games lately, and I’m here for it. I know a lot of the casual, cozy gamers enjoy the building and room design aspect of The Sims. These latest design games focus solely on designing rooms and homes, without the people management. That makes these games perfect for the creatives who just want to design! Cozy Space by developer 攻壳游戏 Gamker Studio is one such game that boasts a cozy, easy-to-use interior design interface so you can create your dream rooms. 

This gorgeous game features an extensive library of models that lets you design each room down to the minute details. Create comfy bedrooms with luxurious beds and the perfect ambient lighting. Place desks, lamps, plants, mirrors, and more for the perfect design accents. Pick appropriate wallpapers or paint colors and flooring options. Even make your dream game room, as Cozy Space is particularly geared towards gamers and includes large desks, computers, and other accessories. While you design, listen to the built-in relaxing music that you can control and customize for a better gaming experience. 

Your imagination is the limit in this game! 

Release Date

Cozy Space is available now on Steam in Early Access!


Make Room and Hometopia are a couple more cozy design games.

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