Destiny 2: Bump in the Knight God Roll for PvE and PvP

The Bump in the Night Rocket Launcher has become a solid DPS option in Destiny 2, especially against targets without solid critical points. The weapon is particularly good again Persys, the final boss of the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon, as Wyverns are historically difficult to get precision hits on.

Paired with Gjallarhorn and the proper perk setup, it’s possible to take out Persys in two phases or even one if you add additional build options. We’ll be covering the god rolls for Bump in the Night for both PvE and PvP here, as it’s surprisingly strong in both.

Bump in the Night Rocket Launcher PvE God Rolls

Crafting Bump in the Night makes obtaining it a simple prospect: get five red border versions, then create your own at the Relic on Mars. If you can’t manage that, the rolls presented here are still top-tier, but you won’t have the advanced perks to work with.

Bump in the Night PvE God Rolls

The Bump in the Night is one of the best Legendary Rocket Launchers on offer right now. It doesn’t have quite the perk pool of the now-unissued Hothead (Clown Cartridge, specifically), but it’s far easier to get.


Quick Launch, Hard Launch. Velocity is the name of the game in PvE, and both these perks give it in spades. Quick Launch is the better as it doesn’t reduce any stats while also adding a bonus to Handling.


Impact Casing, High-Velocity Rounds. Impact Casing is pure damage, provided you hit your target with the rocket. The Stability bonus is nice. High-Velocity Rounds are just that, with a nice buff to Reload Speed as well.

Trait 1

Demolitionist, Auto-Loading Holster. There are few options for automatic reloads left in Destiny 2, and Demolitionist is one of the best. Throw a grenade, reload your weapon. With a single rocket per magazine, two shots and grenade damage are hard to pass up. Auto-Loading is a good backup option if you want to take a second to use another weapon.

Trait 2

Chill-Clip, Frenzy. Which of these you choose depends heavily on whether you’re alone or in a fireteam, as their damage output is almost identical in isolation. Chill Clip activates off of other Guardians doing damage, so it’s the better choice in a group. Frenzy is easier to activate while playing solo.

Bump in the Night PvP God Rolls

Rockets are one of the better Heavy weapon choices in PvP as, properly aimed, they will almost always kill the target. You only get one shot, so you have to make it count, and the perks here help do that.


Volatile Launch, Quick Launch. The bigger you can make your boom in PvP, the better. Volatile Launch grants the largest total Blast Radius buff on offer, though you sacrifice a bit of Velocity and Handling for it. With Quick Launch, you might lose out on Blast Radius but gain Velocity and Handling in return.


High-Velocity Rounds, Black Powder. High-Velocity Rounds is still doing good work making your rocket faster, though the Reload buff is unnecessary. Black Powder provides a bit of Blast Radius with an inconsequential reduction in Stability.

Trait 1

Tracking Module, Demolitionist. Don’t expect Gjallarhorn or Truth tracking here, but if you want a little extra insurance that you’ll get your kill, Tracking Module has your back. Demo’s ability to reload isn’t as applicable here, but getting back some Grenade energy on firing is nice.

Trait 2

Chill Clip, Chain Reaction. With only one round in the magazine, Bump in the Night will always activate Chill Clip when it fires, slowing any targets it doesn’t immediately kill. Chain Reaction gives the weapon the potential to get a multi-kill off of, you guessed it, a chain reaction of additional explosions.

And those are the PvP, and PvE god rolls for the Bump in the Night Rocket Launcher. If Destiny 2 rockets get any better, expect this weapon to do the same. For more on Season of the Seraph or Destiny 2 in general, check our guides to the Should You Choose to Accept It quest and Revision Zero god rolls. Our guides hub for the game offers additional content.

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