Destiny 2: Good Boy Protocol Explained

There are at least a few secrets buried in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph, despite the community’s attempts to datamine the ever-living hell out of the game. One of these was the Good Boy Protocol, a long, long collect-a-thon that takes you across the system to open a door on the Seraph Station. Behind the door is a reward better than any gun or a new ability. We’ll cover what you find in this guide.

The Good Boy Protocol Explained in Destiny 2

To unlock the ability to activate the Good Boy Protocol, you need to destroy 50 security drones with the Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle. These drones are large, yellow spheres found throughout the system, specifically:

  • 10 Drones on Europa
  • 6 Drones on Heist Battleground: Europa
  • 10 Drones on the Moon
  • 6 Drones on Heist Battleground: Moon
  • 6 Drones on Heist Battleground: Mars
  • 12 Drones on the Seraph Station

Finding all 50 security drones unlocks a very special door on the Station near where you fight Harkotha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers, behind which is a jumping puzzle. At the puzzle’s end is the ultimate reward. Better than an Exotic. Better than a new enemy faction. The prize, this time, is a dog. An Exo dog, to be precise. And you can pet the dog to activate the Good Boy Protocol.

Once you find the Exo dog, he’ll transmat to the Seraph Wing in the H.E.L.M., and going up to pet said dog is a continuation of the Good Boy Protocol. You also get the Yes, You Can Pet the Dog Triumph by petting him there. Better yet, you can love on the little thing as many times as you please. Whether he hangs around after the end of the Season of the Seraph is unclear, but he’s called a “guest,” so most likely he’ll be leaving us when Lightfall releases.

That’s the Good Boy Protocol, getting your first friend in all of Destiny 2 who will never judge you or annoy you over comms. For more content on Season of the Seraph or the game more generally, check out our guides hub.

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