Destiny 2: How to Get Frenzy Refit

Crafting is one of the core gameplay elements of Destiny 2, for good or ill. Like others, the Frenzy Refit crafted Exotic catalyst is gated behind an activity and a heavy material investment. It’s technically the easiest Refit catalyst for the Revision Zero, but it will still take you at least a few hours to acquire. Far more if you’re a newer player with low-level gear — expect dozens of hours before you can even attempt it.

How to Get the Frenzy Refit Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2

To even start the road to the Frenzy Refit, two things need to be true:

  • You need to own Season of the Seraph
  • You need to acquire the Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle from the Hidden Shape mission

Ideally, you’re also around 1580 Power, as the Exotic mission Operation: Seraph’s Shield is capped at that level, and if you’re much below, expect a bad time. Once you have Revision Zero, the real fun begins. You’ll start a second, four-part Exotic questline, Should You Choose to Accept It.

We covered the quest in detail in our guide, but the short version is: you’ll complete four simple steps, then the final two take you into the Legend difficulty of Seraph’s Shield, where the enemies are tougher, have much more health, and hit like trucks. You’ll also need to find a dead Exo frame somewhere in the mission, extract the catalyst schematic from them, and then complete the activity.

You’ll receive the Frenzy Refit for completing Should You Choose to Accept It, Part I, so if adding Feeding Frenzy to your Revision Zero is the only perk you care about, then you can stop doing these missions there. Should you want the fully upgraded Exotic, you’ll need to go through the process three more times.

Nothing worth having is free, and the Frenzy Refit is no exception, and now you know how to get it. Check out our other guides to Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph and the game more generally in our guides hub.

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