Destiny 2: Revision Zero PvE and PvP God Roll Guide

The Revision Zero is Destiny 2‘s first customizable Exotic, with four “Refit” Catalysts, a full suite of selectable perks via crafting, and more firing modes than almost any other weapon in the franchise.

It doesn’t have the same perk pool as a Legendary gun you’d find out in the world, but it doesn’t need one, nor should it have one as an Exotic. Still, there are optimal setups you can run that make up the PvE and PvP god roll, but as a crafted weapon, you’re free to use whatever suits you best.

The Revision Zero God Roll for Destiny 2 PvE and PvP

Pulse Rifles don’t need as much help with Range as they do Stability, Handling, and Accuracy. Anything that makes the gun more consistent overall is also good, with speedy reloads or ways to activate the weapon’s Exotic ability more consistently, taking top billing.

Bear in mind you’ll need to complete the Should You Choose to Accept It, Part I Exotic mission and get Hunter’s Trace II to unlock the Barrel and Magazine, Part II and Hunter’s Trace II for the Trait, and Part III and Hunter’s Trace III for the Stock. You unlock the final Refit for completing Part IV.

The PvE God Roll for Revision Zero

Revision Zero is a great all-around PvE Pulse Rifle. It’s not the best at any one thing, but it’s consistent, and its secondary, railgun-style secondary firing mode makes for good backup DPS when necessary.


Arrowhead Brake, Corkscrew Rifling. If weapon controllability is high on your list (and it should be), Arrowhead Brake’s massive buff to Recoil control is precisely what you’re looking for. The modest Handling bonus is good too. Corkscrew Rifling’s improvements to Stability, Handling, and Range are always an excellent secondary option.


Ricochet Rounds. There’s really only one choice for us in the magazine slot, and Ricochet Rounds’ improvement to Stability, with a mild bonus to Range, simply can’t be beat.


Perpetual Motion, Vorpal. Perpetual Motion can be an excellent PvP perk, but if you’re mobile enough in PvE, the stacking bonuses to Stability, Handling, and Reload speed can still be incredibly powerful. Vorpal’s bonus to boss damage is mostly useful for Revision Zero’s railgun mode, but it can be viable. It’s good for hunting Guardians in their Super in Crucible as well.


Composite Stock, Short-Action Stock. The choice here is something of a toss-up. The Composite Stock is a slight buff to both Handling and Stability, whereas Short-Action is a larger buff to Handling. If you’ve already increased Revision Zero’s Stability to where you’re comfortable, Short-Action might be for you. If you need the Stability, go with Composite.


Outlaw/4-Timer. New to Revision Zero are Refits, essentially enhanced perks that form the weapon’s version of a catalyst. Outlaw is as ever: precision hits greatly increase reload speed. 4-Timer is an upgraded version of Fourth Time’s the Charm, returning two bullets to the magazine on consecutive precision hits. As the Revision Zero’s magazine size is deceptively small, 4-Timer can be a powerful choice.

The PvP God Roll for Revision Zero

As most good Pulse Rifles are, Revision Zero is at home in the Crucible. The perks listed here will only make it better.


Arrowhead Brake, Corkscrew Rifling. The PvE perk selection works perfectly in PvP.


Ricochet Rounds. PvE and PvP both benefit from this perk as well.


Moving Target, Eye of the Storm. Strafing while aimed-down-sights is one of the cornerstones of Destiny 2 PvP (when you aren’t in the air, at least), so adding Moving Target’s Aim Assist and movement speed penalty reduction is ideal. Eye of the Storm is also a great option to boost Accuracy and Handling as your health gets lower.


Composite Stock, Short-Action Stock. As with Barrel and Magazine, the stock options are standard across PvE and PvP.


Pressurized Refit, Outlaw. The bonuses to Stability and Accuracy as your magazine empties are by far the best option for PvP, but Outlaw’s ability to maintain your weapon’s uptime is a good second option.

There you have it: our picks for the Revision Zero PvP and PvE god rolls. You’ll be spending an outsized time in PvE unlocking everything, but it should all be well worth the effort. For more Destiny 2 content from Season of the Seraph and the game more generally, check out our guides hub.

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