Destiny 2: Weekly and Daily Reset Explained

Destiny 2 is a live service game, constantly evolving, seeing updates, and adding and removing activities, locations, and currencies, among many other changes. One thing you can always count on, however, is the weekly and daily resets.

Their purpose is simple: reset various activities, playlists, and other in-game reward sources. Which things get reset depends on their value. Something with higher-value loot (either in Power or overall quality) is liable to be a weekly reset. Something you engage with quickly and rewards relatively little might be part of the daily reset.

Weekly and Daily Reset in Destiny 2 Explained 

Weekly and daily reset occur at the same time of day, 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) or 12:00 PM Eastern (UTC-5). Daily resets are just that: they happen every day. The weekly reset is every Tuesday at the appropriate time.

What Resets Weekly in Destiny 2

Weekly resets return everything to its incompleted state. Raids, Dungeons, all Pinnacle reward sources, Seasonal missions, the whole lot. Here’s the complete list of what updates at the weekly reset.

  • Seasonal story missions: Every Tuesday, a new story beat and mission selection opens up and, once completed, halts until the next reset. Once the story ends, all Seasonal activities remain until the next major expansion, and while they no longer advance the narrative, their rewards still update.
  • Raids, Dungeons, and other Endgame activities: The rotating Raid and Dungeon…rotate each week, giving them a Pinnacle Power reward for completion. You can only complete the featured activities once per character for the Pinnacle reward. The featured Dungeon (determined every six months) is infinitely farmable for loot, but not Powerful rewards. The Raid Challenges also update.
  • Strike, Gambit, and Crucible Playlist Pinnacle Rewards. You can still play these playlists for reputation and specific gear.
    Crucible Rotating Game Mode. It rotates to another game mode.
  • Any Seasonal or Current Expansion Powerful Rewards. These include the Weekly Story Missions, Seasonal Activity Powerfuls, and other Expansion-specific activities.
  • Miscellaneous Powerful Rewards. These include Dares of Eternity, Event Powerfuls, and all Vendor rewards. Legend Dares updates as well.
    Nightfall Mission and Strike Modifiers. This includes what element is most damaging and modifiers at all NIghtfall difficulties.
  • Legacy activities on Europa, the Moon, and the Dreaming City.
  • Eververse. The premium currency store gets a new slew of purchasable items for both Bright Dust and Silver.
  • Weekly bounties where available. This includes seasonal event vendors, Petra Venj, Eris, Starhorse, the Lectern of Enchantment, Variks, and Shaw Han.
  • Vendor Armor Inventories. All Destination Vendors with armor inventories get a new batch of gear. Some of them may be high-stat rolls.
  • New Seasonal Challenges. There are new Seasonal challenges every week for the first ten weeks of the Season. The final two weeks are for catchup.

What Updates Daily in Destiny 2

Daily reset doesn’t provide as many powerful rewards, but some things update, particularly bounties and simpler activity requirements. Here’s a complete list.

  • Daily modifiers for Strikes, Dares of Eternity, and Seasonal playlists. While the Singe won’t change, the other modifiers to the activity will.
  • Legend/Master Lost Sector location and rewards. There’s a new Lost Sector set to Legend/Master difficulty each day, with a rotation lasting around two and a half weeks.
  • Activity-specific Drops. The Wellspring and Altars of Sorrow reward weapons rotate daily.
  • Guns and Armor Mods available at Banshee-44 and Ada-1. Ada and Banshee have a small selection of Guns and Armor mods daily, purchasable with Legendary Shards. Ada-1’s mods are very sought after, as many of them are good for build-making.
  • Master Rahool Glimmer Trade. Every day, Master Rahool changes what he’ll trade for 10,000 Glimmer at a time.
  • Daily Bounties wherever offered. Daily Bounties shift daily, as their name suggests, wherever you can find them. Vendors include Seasonal vendors at the H.E.L.M., Eva during an event, Zavala, Shaxx, Drifter, Banshee, Xur in Eternity, Starhorse, and Fynch.

There are no “login bonuses” unless there’s an event going on, but there is one final item that resets weekly: the Well-Rested buff, which increases all experience gains by four times until you’ve gained 500,000 total experience.

Yeah, it’s a lot, but that’s everything you need to know about daily and weekly reset in Destiny 2. Don’t expect to complete everything on this list if you only play a few hours every week, and even dedicated players tend to leave a few things out for the sake of their sanity. That limitation is especially true if you have multiple characters. However, no matter what your level of investment, our Destiny 2 guides hub has something for you.

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