Diablo 4 Beta Error Code 300008 Explained

Diablo 4 Error Code 300008 is just one of many roadblocks keeping players from fully experiencing the current beta for Blizzard’s hotly-anticipated upcoming ARPG. Fans have waited a long time to get their hands on the long-awaited fourth installment to the revered series, which means there are tons of folks logging in at the same time. 

What is Diablo 4  Beta Error Code 300008?

Diablo 4 Error 300008 is connected to server issues, causing player sessions to time out because of the amount of people trying to access the game at a single time. Since Diablo 4 is an always-online game, there’s currently an immense load on its servers as players rush to check out the Beta. 

It sometimes coincides with Error Code 300202 and Error Code 316719, and it can appear at almost any point during play. Here are just a few of the places players have encountered the bug: 

  • While playing. 
  • After creating a character.
  • After selecting a class. 
  • Trying to start the game. 
  • After getting other error codes. 

The problem is that the waiting queue times for the Diablo 4 Beta are quite long for some affected by Error 300008. Some have been kicked or d/c’ed and find themselves facing an hour-long (or more) wait time to get back into the game. Some have lost characters and progress because of the issue, as well. 

Is There a Fix for Error Code 300008?

This early in the testing phase, there is no direct fix for Error Code 300008. Indeed, because the error message says that “your request has timed out,” it’s a server-side issue that players don’t really have any control over. And you’ll just have to hope you don’t run into it while trying to start the game or while playing. 

It’s always good trouble-shooting practice to test your connection and reset your router to make absolutely sure the problem isn’t client-side. For example, my Internet is terrible and dropped randomly while writing this article, so it never hurts to take a look if you run into this error. 

But outside of that, there’s not much to do except wait.

For now, that’s what we know about Error Code 300008 in the Diablo 4 Beta. If there are any updates or permanent fixes, we’ll be sure to add those to this guide. Until then, good luck!

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