Diablo 4’s forgettable XP boost event has me crossing my fingers that its upcoming leaderboards won’t be as dull

Diablo 4’s Lunar New Year event doesn’t feel like an event at all. The promised cosmetic rewards take about an hour to earn and trying to find the XP-boosting Lunar Shrines is harder than trying to find an Uber Unique. It’s as if the event was designed for the Diablo 4 that existed before season 2’s overhaul, and Blizzard’s hotfixes can’t seem to make it much better.

Today, Blizzard doubled the XP bonus from the Lunar Shrines scattered throughout the open world and dungeons to 100% (from 50%). You’d think a 100% XP boost would be huge for anyone who needs to grind out the last few levels toward 100, but the bonus is way too limited to have much of an impact.

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