Disney Dreamlight Valley: Favorite Animal Foods

There two possible reasons you might want to give animals their favorite foods in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The first is that giving them their favorite foods is your primary way of obtaining valuable Dream Shards, and the second is that feeding them can attach them to you as your companions. Companions will follow you around wherever you go.

How to Feed Animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before we jump into how to actually feed animals, it’s important to note that you’ll need to feed an animal for two days straight if you want to make it your companion, and animals can only be fed once per day. Because Dreamlight Valley reads your local time, this means you’ll need to play the game and feed the animal two actual days in a row. 

The actual act of feeding animals is pretty easy, although you’ll need to chase them down first. As a general rule of thumb you’ll want to approach each animal slowly instead of running up to them.

Most of the time you’ll need to follow the critter for a while, until they stop and finally let you feed them. Animals like squirrels and rabbits are generally easy to feed, but ones like raccoons can be a bit trickier to follow and get to feed.

Here’s a general idea of how you’ll want to approach each one, and do note that even though there are different colors and variants of each animal, they all function exactly the same. 

  • Squirrels — Very easy to feed, simply walk up to them and follow for a bit if you need to. 
  • Rabbits — These critters will usually run away and jump in place when you approach them, but simply follow them wherever they go until they stop and let you get close. 
  • Raccoons — Raccoons are incredibly skittish, and you’ll need to approach them very slowly and cautiously. It’s generally a good idea to approach these animals from behind or while they’re looking at the ground and scavenging. 
  • Foxes — These critters will need to be chased down a bit before you can convince them to eat. They aren’t too fast, however, so simply follow them wherever they go. 
  • Sea Turtles — These animals actually don’t run away at all but will retreat into their shell when you get close. All you need to do is wait nearby until the creature pops its head out and you’ll be able to feed it. 
  • Sunbirds — Birds are faster than most of the other animals, but don’t need to be chased much luckily. They can be surprisingly friendly so just try to keep up. 
  • Crocodiles — Crocodiles are somewhat similar to Raccoons and will oftentimes run away as soon as they see you. Because of that you’ll also want to sneak up,  and get close when they’re distracted by the ground. 

All Animals Favorite Foods in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Each type of animal in Dreamlight Valley has a type of food it likes best, and the good news is that it’s all fairly common ingredients you can get almost anywhere.

Keep in mind you can feed these animals anything and still receive Dream Shards or items, but you’re far more likely to get better rewards by feeding them their favorite food.

As an extra note, Sunbirds work a little differently from other animals, as each color of Sunbird has different favorite food. Here’s an overview of the favorite food for each animal. 

  • Squirrels — Peanuts (Can be purchased from Remy’s restaurant.)
  • Rabbits — Carrots (Can be grown from seeds or purchased from Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadow.)
  • Raccoons — Blueberries (Can be gathered from bushes in Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor.)
  • Foxes — White Sturgeon (Caught from fishing spots in Frosted Heights.)
  • Sea Turtles — Seaweed (Caught from any fishing spot anywhere, or gathered on the beach in Dazzle Beach.)
  • Crocodiles — Lobster (Caught from gold fishing spots in Glade of Trust.)
  • Orchid Sunbird — Orange Houseleek (Flower gathered in Sunlit Plateau)
  • Golden Sunbird — Sunflower (Flower gathered in Dazzle Beach.)
  • Red Sunbird — Red Bromeliad (Flower gathered in Sunlit Plateau.)
  • Emerald Sunbird — Green Passion Lily (Flower gathered in Frosted Heights.)
  • Turquoise Sunbird — Pink Houseleek (Flower gathered in Sunlit Plateau.)

That’s everything you should know about how to feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To see even more guides and walkthroughs make sure to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub.

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