Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Emeralds

Mining is one of the many activities you can undertake in Disney Dreamlight Valley, letting you uncover precious gems that can be used in quests and sold for a pretty penny. While you don’t have to collect every gem you mine, some are well-worth keeping  like Emeralds.

Emeralds are used for the quests “Memory Magnification” and “Lost in the Dark Grove.” To help cut down on the time you’ll need to spend searching for them, here’s how to get Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Mine for Emeralds

Focus your Emerald search on the Forest of Valor and the Glade of Trust biomes. If you haven’t unlocked those areas yet, both cost 3,000 Dreamlight to unlock. If you need more Dreamlight, just go about your daily tasks or open up the menu and pick a few Dreamlight objectives to complete. 

Once you’ve opened these areas, mine the black rocks found in the area  but keep in mind that there’s no guarantee you’ll find Emeralds. As usual, it’s a good idea to bring along a friend with the mining skill while breaking rocks. You’ll get more resources, and level up their friendship. 

Also keep in mind that it takes mining nodes roughly 4-5 minutes to respawn, so you might want to loop back and forth between the areas until you find the Emeralds you need. For reference we’ve highlighted the mining spots in both areas with red arrows, so you know exactly where to go. 

Forest of Valor Mining Nodes

Glade of Trust Mining Nodes

Where to Sell Emeralds

Like with other gems, Emeralds can be sold at any of Goofy’s stalls, with the easiest one to find in Peaceful Meadow. A basic Emerald sells for 325 Star Coins, but if you get your hands on a Shiny Emerald, you can sell it for 1,300 Star Coins. Shiny versions of gems occasionally pop up as you’re mining, and you don’t need to do anything different to find them. 

With that, you should have everything you need to find a few Emeralds, whether it’s for quests or simply to sell. For even more tips and walkthroughs, make sure to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub

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