Do CS:GO Items Carry Over to Counter Strike 2?

To say the Counter Strike loves cosmetics would be a huge understatement. Valve are well-aware of how important a CS:GO player’s inventory is, leading many to wonder whether their CS:GO items will carry over to Counter Strike 2. With the Limited Test under way as of today, we now know the answer to this question.

Will Items Carry Over from CS:GO to Counter Strike 2?

You’ll be glad to find out that your items won’t be lost from Global Offensive to Counter Strike 2. In the short FAQ released by Valve, it notes that “weapon finishes, stickers, and other CS:GO inventory items” will be present and available to use in CS2.

This seems to mean everything you’ve obtained via containers and trading on the Steam Marketplace for Counter Strike: Global Offensive will indeed be available in the sequel. This makes sense considering it seems to be a direct upgrade from GO, rather than a totally new game.

The Counter Strike item market is the most bustling on the Steam Marketplace, locking players from the cosmetics they’ve earned or bought through the years would be a major community upset.

The Counter Strike 2 Limited Test starts today and it appears like it will be running until the game’s full release this summer. Find out how to join the CS2 Limited Test, and look for more Counter Strike 2 guides and news here on GameSkinny.

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