Does Fire Emblem Engage Have Multiple Endings?

If you’re a fan of the Fire Emblem games, you may be wondering if Fire Emblem Engage has multiple endings. Previous games in the series, such as Three Hopes and Three Houses, have various conclusions based on the actions you take throughout each game. Some even have secret endings that require you to recruit certain characters or meet specific criteria.

How Many Endings Does Fire Emblem Engage Have?

Fire Emblem Engage is a bit less involved when it comes to its multiple endings. There are only two, though there is a post-credits scene worth sticking around for after getting the good ending. Obviously, there will be some spoilers for the final chapter of Fire Emblem Engage below, though we’ll try to keep them light. 

How to Get the Bad Ending in Fire Emblem Engage

The bad ending in Fire Emblem Engage sees Sombron coming out victorious over the Alear, with an appearance from a previous ally, now twisted by evil. To get the bad ending, simply lose the final battle in any way. There are no specific requirements to achieve this sad conclusion outside of being defeated by Sombron. 

How to Get the Good Ending in Fire Emblem Engage

The good ending (or standard ending) is opposite the bad ending in two ways. First, it ceases Sombron’s search for the Emblem of Foundations, and our Alear return balance to the world. Second, to get the good ending, all you have to do to get this happy conclusion is beat Sombron, defeating both of their forms, including the Fell Dragon.

Does Fire Emblem Engage Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Though we won’t spoil it here, the simple answer to if Fire Emblem Engage has a post-credits scene is: yes, it does. Stick around following the character endings and the cast credits (including those for the stellar voice cast), and you’ll have a small coda that provides more story for your Alear.

This small epilogue only appears if you’ve beaten Sombron for the good ending. It will not show if you are defeated and receive the bad ending.

Does Fire Emblem Engage Have Paired Endings?

The short answer to that question is: no, Fire Emblem Engage does not have paired endings. There are only individual endings that may allude to other characters. Unlike Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there are not multiple endings contingent on who you pair with or romance throughout Engage, even though there are romance options

Now you know how to get the multiple endings in Fire Emblem Engage. Luckily, they are quite a bit easier than those in previous installments. For more, head over to our FE: Engage hub for more.

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