Does Forspoken Have New Game Plus?

New game plus isn’t quite a standard feature in gaming. Plenty of titles either launch without it, or they’re included in post-launch patches. Even with this inconsistency, players can usually rely on RPGs and character action games like Devil May Cry to follow through. As an action RPG, does Forspoken offer the elusive new game plus? 

Does Forspoken Have New Game Plus?

Forspoken does not feature a new game plus option. There is no way of replaying the game at a higher or similar difficulty level with existing progression. We understand that this might upset players that have come to expect new game plus, especially in the RPG realm. 

However, Forspoken does have a post-game. As you might come to expect from most modern open world games, the end-credits do not signal the end of the player experience. Players are still able to roam the open world after finishing the game

This time can be spent completing optional content that players might have missed during their initial playthrough such as locked labyrinths or unlocking nail designs. On the other hand, there are a handful of side quests that open up after finishing the game. Completing the side quests will take under two hours, leaving little for players outside of finishing the original content for completionist’s sake. 

Now that you know about the lack of new game plus, you might still be unsure about whether Forspoken is worth your time. If that’s the case, check out our review to learn more. If you’re playing the game, consider checking out our Forspoken guides.

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