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Donkey Kong delay hits Nintendo theme park

The upcoming Donkey Kong Country-themed expansion to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan has been struck by a delay.

The huge new area, themed around Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, will now be fully bolted-on to the existing Mushroom Kingdom park in “late 2024”, Universal Studios said today.

That’s a delay of around six months, as the Donkey Kong area was previously set to open sometime this spring. Readjust your holiday plans appropriately!

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Universal Studios did not provide a reason for the hold-up, which was announced on social media platform X this morning.

“Donkey Kong Country, which was previously scheduled to open in spring 2024, has been changed to late 2024,” the company wrote. “We apologise for any inconvenience caused to those who have been waiting. We will announce the opening date and other details as soon as they are decided.”

When it does open, the area will centre on a new rollercoaster called Mine Cart Madness, which will take riders through the jungle with Donkey and Diddy and feature a section where you “leap across a collapsed track”.

Universal Studios’ Super Nintendo World is currently open to visit at the theme park’s Japan and Hollywood locations (though the latter provides a smaller version). Further incarnations are set to open next year at Universal Studios Singapore and in Florida at the Universal Epic Universe park.

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