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Doom becomes a super-violent anime in roguelike FPS you can try now

Doom hardly needs any help in the violence department. Ripping and tearing is par the course for the iconic series, and the Doomslayer’s propensity for such has only increased over the years. Mullet Mad Jack takes Doom, and imagines it as some bloodsoaked, effervescent anime, and there’s a free demo for you to see why it rules for yourself.

Mullet Mad Jack places you in a technocratic future where AI controls the most wealth. To challenge these robotic overlords, you take on the task of completing a multi-floored gauntlet in ten seconds. The catch? In the FPS game, every kill adds time to your life. Therefore, the only way forward is pure, unmitigated murder.

But, my word, with how good the murder feels in HAMMER95’s game, that much won’t be a problem. The levels have some elements of procedural generation, spawning a series of corridors that you run through, using your weapon to take down any obstacle.

That’s not altogether unique, but it becomes distinct when paired with the colors and aesthetic of a classic ’80s anime series. Everything is eye-poppingly bright and shiny, bringing to mind Hotline Miami’s nihilistic spiral. I went into Mullet Mad Jack looking for a good shooter, and I got one of the best roguelike games I’ve played recently as well.

Fans of Bubblegum Crisis, Macross, and GunBuster will recognize the tropes here. A grizzled hero who could easily pass for Kurt Russell, an ultra-cool partner who has voluminous green hair, and technology with a retro flare. It’s all ’80s worship, but it’s great ’80s worship.

The free demo is available as part of Steam Next Fest right now. We have a list of the best Steam Next Fest demos for more highlights, and our upcoming PC games list will keep you aware of everything else that’s coming out.

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