Dragon Ball: The Breakers — How to Play With Friends

Dragon Ball: The Breakers brings a dynamic new twist to the franchise, casting players as a group of survivors fighting against one of the iconic villains. It’s an asymmetric multiplayer game in the same vein as Dead By Daylight or Friday the 13th. What that means is that you’ll likely want to group up with some friends, in order to have the best chance of surviving. Luckily, it’s not hard to do as long as you know what to do.

How to Play With Friends in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Playing with friends essentially works the same way as doing matchmaking, but with a few extra steps. When you’re in the lobby press square (X on Xbox) to bring up the Play Menu. Select the online match option and you’ll create a lobby.

At this point you don’t want to start matchmaking, but rather look in the top-right corner for the room key. There are two ways you can have a friend join you at this point, you can press R1 to bring up the Room Menu and select “Invite Friends,” or you can send your friend the Room Key and they can input it into the search option. 

If you need to join a friend’s room just key the Room Key then bring up the Romo Menu and select “Move Room (Key Input)” then enter the key. You can invite or have as many friends join as you want until the lobby is full, but keep in mind if you don’t have a full roster you’ll need to matchmake with random players to fill any remaining slots. 

With some help from friends, you should have a better chance of surviving in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Make sure to check with GameSkinny for even more tips and tricks.

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