Elden Ring modder chops down giant Erdtree for a performance boost

Elden Ring is, essentially, a game about people with different beliefs about a big golden tree. Some say it’s god’s grace made manifest, while others think it has an unnatural grip around their mortality and should be usurped of its power. K4richard, a disciple of the church of NexusMods, believes the tree is soaking up a little too much of their frame rate, so they got rid of it.

In Remove Erd Tree (FPS BOOST) (opens in new tab), a slightly misspelled mod (it’s “Erdtree”) for Elden Ring, K4richard deletes the centerpiece of FromSoftware’s sprawling action RPG. That’s like plucking the Death Star out of Star Wars or the ring out of Lord of the Rings; although their goal is to free up some frames, K4richard might have just written fanfiction that turns Elden Ring from a hundred hour adventure to a 20 minute short story.

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