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Fastest ways to raise Episode 1 Fear Rank in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Our main objective during Episode 1 Fear in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is to raise our Rank. the higher our Episode 1 Fear Rank, the juicier the rewards in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice: League.

Best ways to raise Fear Rank fast in Suicide Squad KTJL

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If you want to unlock Joker for free, then you need to know how to raise your Episode 1 Fear Rank fast. Your Fear Rank increases when you complete anything, but there are ways to raise it faster.

Increase the Metropolis difficulty

My first suggestion for getting a high Fear Rank fast in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is to play on the highest difficulty you have unlocked. The more XP you acquire, the higher the difficulties you’ll unlock. If the game is ever too hard, you can scale it down, but you gain a higher XP and resource modifier the higher the difficulty is.

Complete Incursions

Raise Fear Rank Incursions Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’ve gotten more Fear Rank progress when I complete high-difficulty Incursions. In my experience, the easiest and fastest Incursion is Imposter Syndrome. All you need to do is go in and defeat a bunch of enemies. This can be done extremely fast and quickly with the best Harley Quinn build.

Complete Metropolis missions

When you are out of Promethium, which is required to enter Incursions, you need to hit Metropolis missions. You won’t get as much Fear Rank progress, but you’ll get some as well as a good amount of Prometheum.

I recommend doing the ones that are more challenging that reward more Prometheum. They are harder, but they are more worth your time. You should still do them when they grant thousands of Prometheum, but I recommend avoiding the “Mandatory Global Warming” missions because they are tedious — those are the truck escort missions.

If you create a loop of completing Incursions and then hitting Metropolis missions at the highest Metropolis difficulty, your Fear Rank will climb quickly. If you still need more XP to level up your characters, the process is similar but different.

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