FFXIV: How to Unlock the Euphrosyne Alliance Raid

Euphrosyne is the newest Alliance Raid added to Final Fantasy XIV with patch 6.3, kicking off the newest cycle of endgame gear. The Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid series is particularly interesting as it dives into the lore behind the 12 gods of Eorzea.

Euphrosyne is the second raid in the Myths of the Realm series, but you have to unlock it before you take it on. Here’s how you can get crackin’ on this new fight.

How to Unlock Euphrosyne Alliance Raid in FFXIV

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The most important part of unlocking Euphrosyne is that you need to have completed the previous raid, Aglaia, as well as the previous quest in the Myths of the Realm questline “The Face of an Explorer.”

If you haven’t unlocked Aglaia you’ll need to finish the Main Scenario of Endwalker and then receive the “A Mission in Mor Dhona” quest from the Fresh Faced Student in Old Sharlayan (X:9.1, Y:11.5). Simply follow the questline and before long you’ll unlock Aglaia.

There are two other requirements for taking on Euphrosyne, and those are:

  • Have a level 90 combat job.
  • Have an item level of at least 595.

The level 90 job is self-explanatory and the easier part to do, since you probably are there anyway. Item level can be a little trickier, as your overall item level is based on the average from every piece you’ve equipped. 

Where to Unlock Euphrosyne in FFXIV

Once you’ve met all the requirements, head over to Mor Dhona and talk to Deryk (X: 23.9, Y: 9.1). This will launch you into the “Return to the Phantom Realms quest, which will shortly give you access to Euphrosyne. 

For a clear, you will receive one Euphrosyne Coin per week that can be used to exchange for Moonshine Twine or Moonshine Shine, both of which are used to augment Lunar Envoy gear up to ilvl 630. This can be done at Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (X:10.6, Y: 10.0).

Now you should be all set to jump into Euphrosyne and take on the gods. For even more FFXIV tips and walkthroughs, make sure to check out our FFXIV guides hub

Featured image via Square Enix

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