Fire Emblem Engage: Should I Choose a Male or Female Alear?

Fire Emblem Engage is the newest entry to the long-running strategy RPG series from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, and like the previous Fire Emblem Three Houses, you can choose whether your character is male or female.

The question is whether it’s better to make your Alear male or female for self-insertion or roleplay purposes. It made a difference in Three Houses, but does it here in Engage?

Should You Choose a Male or Female Character — Answered

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, players were restricted in their romance options based off Byleth’s gender. Many characters could not be romanced by the same gender, leaving some disappointed. 

This is not the case in Fire Emblem Engage. All characters can be romanced regardless of Alear’s gender, meaning you don’t have to make your Alear one gender or the other to woo the character of your choosing. Engage marks the first game in the series to allow this sort of freedom, and it surely will not be the last.

Aside from looks and voice, there are no differences between the two Alear options in Fire Emblem Engage. So the answer to “Should I choose a male or female character?” is to choose whichever character suits you best, and romance whoever you’d like! There’s a lot more to learn about this Nintendo Switch exclusive. Check out GameSkinny for more Fire Emblem Engage guides over the coming weeks.

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