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Former Dragon Age boss’ new action-RPG is Eternal Strands and out next year

Following a bit of a tease last week, Yellow Brick Games – the studio founded by former Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw – has properly revealed its new third-person action adventure, Eternal Strands, which is coming to PC and consoles next year.

Eternal Strands casts players as Brynn, a member of a dwindling group of magic users known as the Weavers, who sets out across a fantasy kingdom ravaged by a cataclysmic magical event to uncover the mysteries of a once-powerful nation – the Enclave – and recover her people’s home.

Yellow Brick’s debut title pits players against 25-meter-high climbable creatures known as the Arks as they wander the world (Shadow of the Colossus and Monster Hunter are said to be influences in a reveal over on IGN), and there’s talk of physics-manipulating powers reminiscent of those seen The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Eternal Strands – Official Reveal Trailer

Eternal Strands reveal trailer.

You can glimpse some of Eternal Strands’ behemoth-climbing and debris-tossing in the reveal trailer above, and there’s also a peek at some of its less gargantuan enemies, its flashy combat, its striking fantasy world, and a couple more magical powers – including the ability to fashion bridges (and presumably other structures) out of ice.

“Use the environment and extreme weather events to your advantage in battles against a big roster of fantastical creatures,” adds Yellow Brick Games’ official announcement. “Immerse yourself in a vast and rich lore where you will build relationships with a diverse cast of characters.”

There’s no release date for Eternal Strands yet, but it’ll be coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 sometime next year.

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