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While the industry has largely standardized many mechanics and ideas, there are still plenty of unknowns when picking up a new title in an established genre. In Forspoken‘s case, you may be wondering about fall damage, especially considering the game’s open-world design and its traversal similarities to other genre titles. How does it work? Does the game even have fall damage? This guide explains.

How Fall Damage Works in Forspoken

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The simple answer to the question of whether Forspoken has fall damage or not is: yes, it does. With that in mind, you may be wary of falling from a distant height while out exploring the open world, but you needn’t be. There is a simple way to mitigate fall damage built into the game.

The stamina system, which is represented by the square segments above the health bar, can keep you from losing HP. As long as Frey has stamina, she can withstand a fall from any height. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a single segment of stamina, either. Any stamina prevents you from taking damage.

When you have full stamina, the amount of stamina depleted depends on the fall distance. This might lead you to believe that dutiful stamina management is necessary to survive higher falls, but even a single segment will save you. 

Do You Need to Use Parkour Mode? 

The magic parkour system consumes stamina, as well, so you might assume that you need to be in Parkour Mode to withstand massive falls. As it turns out, you do not need to be in parkour mode to prevent fall damage

What If You Fall Without Any Stamina?

What happens when you don’t have stamina? You take damage as normal. As expected, the amount of damage Frey sustains without her safety net depends on the fall distance. After depleting a full stamina meter, just wait a few seconds for it to refill before trying any jumps or traversal near drops.

Surprisingly, even in the early game, Frey is more resilient than you’d expect. This resilience is further bolstered as her stats increase throughout the adventure, assuming you complete optional points of interest. This means that even when not carefully managing stamina, Frey should survive most drops. Much like the fast travel system, Forspoken is very lenient when it comes to fall damage. Learn more about Forspoken, such as how crafting works or how to counterattack, before venturing further into Athia.

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