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Galaxy of Heroes Getting PC Port

EA announced that the mobile strategy game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is getting an official PC port. Originally released on Android and iOS in 2015, the game lets players recruit hundreds of heroes and over 20 ships and control them in turn-based battles.

Star Wars mobile game Galaxy of Heroes getting PC ports

The upcoming port isn’t just moving Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to a new operating system. According to EA, it also comes with several PC-exclusive enhancements. “We have been able to double the frame rate to 60 fps,” a spokesperson told Game Informer over email, “added anti-aliasing, and implemented higher resolution settings so that players can take advantage of the power of a high-end PC.” The studio also redesigned the game’s interface to work better with a mouse and keyboard.

EA intends to keep the PC and mobile versions “in lockstep,” releasing updates simultaneously on both platforms. Fans can also switch between mobile and PC by synchronizing their EA account. That means longtime players won’t have to start over just because they want to play on a larger screen. However, there was no mention of a console port, and EA said Galaxy of Heroes will not have controller support at launch.

Galaxy of Heroes’ PC port doesn’t have a release date yet, though EA plans to hold a closed beta in May. This initial beta is only for players who already have the game on mobile, though new users will have opportunities in the future. Registration isn’t open yet, though fans can get ready by linking their game to an EA account. Once registration begins, they can sign up for the closed beta on the game’s website.

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