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Genshin Impact Fans Want April Fool’s Joke to Be Real


  • Genshin Impact players fell for a fake Epitomized Path for four-star characters, tricked by a clever April Fool’s joke.
  • Five-star characters have a more challenging 90-wish pity system, while four-star characters have a 10-wish pity system.
  • The Epitomized Path mechanic proposed by a Reddit user could greatly improve the odds of getting specific characters from the Limited Banner.



A Genshin Impact player has created an interesting Epitomized Path for four-star characters as part of an April Fool’s joke that tricked many players into believing it was the real thing. The game’s roster currently exceeds 82 playable characters, which can be divided into two main categories when it comes to rarity: five-star and four-star units.

Genshin Impact‘s five-star characters run on a 90-wish pity system, which means that players can go 89 pulls without a five-star drop. Players who spend their Primogems on the Limited Banner also have a 50/50 chance that the drop will include a unit from the Standard Banner instead of their desired character.


Genshin Impact Players Propose New Geo Elemental Reaction

A Genshin Impact fan shares an impressive idea that could significantly improve the current state of Geo characters in the game.

Four-star characters have a much lower 10-wish pity, which means that players will get a decent drop within 10 wishes. However, these odds are divided between three characters that are part of the four-star lineup. These odds can make it incredibly hard for Travelers who want to get a specific character from the four-star lineup that is featured on the Limited Banner. A Reddit user named RoyalJello has shared a hilarious fake announcement that would apply a well-known mechanic known as Epitomized Path to the game’s four-star drop system. This mechanic is currently featured in Genshin Impact‘s Weapon Banner, which always features two five-star and five four-star weapons.

Genshin Impact’s Epitomized Path Mechanic Explained

Epitomized Path was added back in Genshin Impact Version 2.0, and it now helps players get a specific five-star item from the Weapon Banner. If they don’t get their desired weapon, players are rewarded with a Fate Point, which can be used to greatly increase their luck on the banner. The concept proposed by RoyalJello mirrors the system but with a slight variation: instead of focusing on two weapons, the mechanic would apply to the three characters featured on the Limited Banner.

Many fans in the comment section praised RoyalJello’s attention to detail in the fake concept, claiming that the creator even matched the same font used in HoYoverse’s official announcements. The post got a lot of attention in the community and gathered over 9,000 upvotes on Genshin Impact‘s official subreddit. Some players have pointed out that this issue worsens with time, especially for long-term players, who have already maxed out the constellation levels for most four-star units in Genshin Impact.

The upcoming Phase 2 banner for Genshin Impact Version 4.5 will feature Xingqui and Barbara, two characters that have been part of the game since its release. This means that many players do not need to acquire additional copies of these characters, as a significant portion of the player base already has their constellations maxed out.

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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG made by MiHoYo. Focusing on the interactions between seven elements, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha game with a host of characters, weapons, regions, and more.

September 28, 2020

Online Multiplayer

T for Teen – Fantasy Violence, Alcohol Reference

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